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My Wonderful Husband

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It's good to celebrate your spouse....


Even though he is not officially or legally my husband, in every other way he is. I think of him and refer to him as my husband and he refers to me as his wife. We may get around to tying the knot one day, or, we may not. We haven't talked about it in a while actually. I don't think either of us feels that strongly about it. Both of us have been married before and know that a ring and a piece of paper are not where the true commitment lies.

He is a wonderful man, my husband. There are many things I prize in him but, perhaps the most cherished quality is his willingness to talk. Whenever there is something I need to ask him about or need to know, he puts down whatever he is doing and gives me his full attention. He may not have the answer and there may not be a ready-made solution but we talk about it and I feel heard and supported.

It was not always this way and we have had to work hard to get here but, things are different now. There is no 'I don't have time right now' 'This is me, it's just the way I am'. No 'I'll talk to you later' or 'Please leave me alone for a while' or 'I'll get back to you when I'm ready'.... and the months or years go by without having my questions answered and my needs met. Sometimes I know he has to go in his cave for a day or two but he knows now that I can't wait six months for him to figure something out. We have to try and figure it out together. He knows I'm not going to sit and wait and sweat any more. Stonewalling will kill a marriage dead.

His work is his passion and I love that about him and 9 times out of 10 he can choose his work over me without a word of complaint. But, he knows now that every so often there will be that the one time in ten when I come first. We both know that working to love and help the world is important but, ultimately meaningless if there isn't a person in your life that you love body, heart and soul.


He was watching TV the other evening on the couch and I was getting supper ready. It was about six-thirty and our five year old daughter was at a friend's birthday party and due home any moment. Our neighbour was going to drop her off. I had just put something back in the fridge when I felt his body press against mine pushing me up against the door.

'Freeze' he whispered in my ear.

I didn't move.

'You're under arrest...'

I stayed still.

'What have I done?'

There was a pause as his hands slowly ran down my sides resting on my waist.

'You are in possession of some dangerous weapons' he said taking each of my hands and placing them above my head so they were resting on the fridge just above my head.


He then gave me a full body search as though I might be storing something under my skin, running his fingers all over me, pressing and feeling down my back. I was wearing a dress and he slowly started to unzip.

'Sorry Ma'am, but this has to be done properly'.

He unclipped my bra and moved his hands around to my front, loosening my bra and cupping my breasts in his hands. He squeezed and massaged my breasts for a few moments and then let go.

His hands continued onto my waist, snapping the elastic of my panties before travelling down my legs. He crouched on the floor feeling up my ankles and calves, brushing lightly with his fingers behind my knees,

'Spread your legs' he ordered.

I did as I was told.

He ran his hand up my leg, lifting my dress with one hand and caressing the inside of my thigh with the other. I let out a soft, little moan and pressed my face against the fridge.

'What were you doing loitering around with these weapons?' he asked now starting to rub my ass, parting my cheeks with his hands.

'Uh... I was just waiting for my husband' I replied now getting seriously turned on by the kneading and massaging of my buttocks and thighs and the proximity of his face to my pussy.

'Are they for him?' he asked, gently.

'Yes they a..' and then he bit my ass so hard it hurt. I cried out.

He stood up and pressed his whole body against me sliding his hand round and down the front of me. I backed my pelvic area slightly away from the fridge to give his hand access to my crotch and I pressed my ass into his groin. He pressed back into me and I could feel the hardness of his dick push against me. He started humping me from behind and as I began to moan saying 'yes'... he stopped.

He took his hand out from in front of me and, pressing me back against the fridge, he started to rub my pussy gently from behind. I was getting very wet now. He slipped his fingers under my panties and inserted a finger carefully inside my vagina. I sighed. He then pushed two fingers into me pressing on my g-spot. He knows he drives me completely crazy when he does that. I could have let me masturbate me to orgasm there and then against the fridge but really, all I could think about was having him fuck me from behind upstairs on our bed, holding my hair like a bell.

'I think my daughter is going to be home soon, Officer' I started. I was actually getting more than a little concerned that I would have to answer the door in a completely sexually wired state to my neighbour and daughter.

'Perhaps we could go down to the station and finish this investigation off a little later?'.

He paused for a moment and then let me go.

Sometimes, keeping someone longing a little never really hurts....



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