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My Wonderful Experience

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Ok, I just wanted to start by saying that I love Solo, and I read it every day. Well here it goes.
Well one day I was at home just lounging around when I decided to go for a bike ride. My mom and dad were gone for the day, so I told my younger brother. Now he's 15 and is very close to my age, so we sometimes hang out. Now I asked if he wanted to come and he said no, so I decided to go by myself. I told him I would be gone an hour so that if mom or dad call he can tell them where I am.
He replied with whatever, so I left. I went around the block and had gotten really bored so after about 15 min of riding around, I decided to come home. As I came around the back, I realized that I had left my brother home alone and he might be doing something that I wanted to see him doing. So I snuck in through the back and headed upstairs to the computer room. As I looked in I realized that he had left a screen open and it was a site that showed you different ways to masturbate. This one was something about a towel, bag and a lots of lube. I did not bother reading it all the way, but I figured that he must be doing this.
So I walked over to his room, and his door was closed. I decided to look through the little airvent that we have which allows anyone to see into your room. However, I am the only one that has noticed this. As I looked in, I saw my brother with a porn mag on his bed and this device in his hand. He had a huge hardon, and I was amazed at how big it was. It was about 7 inches and mine was barely bigger with 7 1/2 inches. He grabbed his device and slipped it on his dick, and slipped it in between 2 pillows. He then began to hump the pillows while flipping through the magazine. Now I was getting really turned on, and I wanted to walk in on him because he does not have a lock on his door. I waited until the bed was really creaking and shaking until I decided to make my move. I walked in and he immediately sat up screaming at me. He tried to cover his dick, but it was just to big to hide under his blankets. I could see the little tent he had formed when he stuck his dick under there. I laughed and walked out.
At about 2 days later, I had decided to do the same thing that my brother did, but this time I stuck it in between the legs of my huge teddy bear. I thought I was home alone, and was going at it pretty good, when I brother walked in. He just started to laugh and said an eye for an eye. I got mad but just continued to hump, and soon was getting pretty close. I started moaning with pleasure and my brother just loved it. I could see the tent starting to form in his baggy shorts as I went at it. It was awesome and I was about to come. With a final grunt and a moan, I came all in the teddy bear. I then got off and my brother decided to join in the fun. He mounted my teddy bear and began to do the same thing I did. He was humping the bear so fast, and grunting so loud, that I had gotten another hardon. I went over to him, and he began to stroke my dick as he was going at it. It felt so good, and I just stood there enjoying what he was doing to me. Eventually his strokes got faster, and so did his humping. He yelled, 'I am gonna cum' And I said I was close too. As he came all in the teddy bear, I shot my load right on his shirt. We just laid there panting as we took in the idea of what we had just done.
We have never done anything like this again, but I have walked in on him masturbating before. Except this time I just excused myself and left. I really hope though that we will be able to do something like this in the future.



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