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My Wonderful Discovery

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I had no opportunity to learn about masturbation until that Summer with my older cousin.


As I was reading some of the stories about how guys learned to masturbate, I thought my story may be interesting to some. I grew up, an only child, on a remote farm and really had no opportunities to have close friendships with any other kids. I knew absolutely nothing about sex and as I grew close to my teenage years, by body began to develop which made me curious yet I had no opportunity to learn anything about human biology. I noticed that my cock was growing and hair had begun to grow around its base and my balls were also larger, still I was innocent or really ignorant. I was taking more notice of girls, especially the pictures I would see in magazines and on the few trips we made into town and I knew that when ever I looked at pictures or thought about them, my cock would swell up and get hard.

My education and discovery began that Summer when an older cousin and his family came for a visit. He was about 5 years older than I and was almost fully developed. After they had been visiting for several days, he and I went for a walk through the woods on the back of our farm. A nice creek flowed through the back side and it was a place that I would go during the Summer months to swim. When we came to the creek, it was hot and the creek was inviting so I suggested we go for a swim. Of course we had no bathing suits but that hardly mattered as the spot was quite remote. He was hesitant, not being a country kid, I guess but I told him that I always swam naked so he said OK.

I stripped off my clothes and stood there while he, more slowly, removed his. When I saw his nude body and the size of his cock, I was astonished, never having seen a naked man before. With out thinking, I blurted out: Boy, you sure are big. He seemed a little embarrassed as I stared at his cock which slowly began to increase in size and grow stiff. How big does it get? I asked in innocent curiosity. By this time my own cock was swelling into hardness, intrigued at the sight. I guess he was confused, embarrassed to be naked with me looking at his cock yet it responded automatically, growing bigger and harder. I just looked on with great interest. He then said, lets get in the water and walked into the creek. I followed, still interested and curious, my cock as hard and stiff as I ever remembered.

We splashed around in the water, my cock hard even in the cold water and I kept looking at him, trying to get a glimpse of his monster cock. Looking back, I can now see that the situation was causing him to become aroused so that his natural inhibitions were overcome. After a bit, he said he was cold so I suggested we get out and sit in the sun on the rocks nearby. He followed me there and as we sat down I could see he was still very hard as was I. I kept asking questions about his cock which he now began to answer. As we talked, I noticed his cock would jerk occasionally, slapping up against his belly. I thought that was interesting and kept trying to make mine do that. He explained to me that I was developing into a man and that my cock would grow to be like his.

I asked him about when did his start to grow and we talked about guys and cocks much to my interest. After a while he asked me if I beat my meat. Of course I had no idea what he was talking about so he explained to me how a guy, when he fucked a girl, his cock would tickle really good and that it would shoot off a load of white cum. That was even more interesting and I questioned him more. Then he told me that a guy could use his hand to stroke his cock and make it tickle and shoot off just like it did when he was fucking. He explained that all guys did that, said it was called masturbation, or beating your meat, jacking off, fucking your fist and that it was a harmless pleasure all guys liked to do.

I asked him how guys learned that and he explained that some just discovered accidentally, other were told about it and others were taught by other guys. When I asked how he learned he explained that he had an older friend who told him and that they used to do it together often and that he soon began to do it to himself whenever he wanted to. He said that he soon was doing it every day, that it really felt good. Of course, my next question was would he teach me. He was willing and suggested we find a more hidden spot so no one could see us. OK, I agreed but thought we were already pretty hidden. We went back into the bushes, taking our clothes with us and laying them on the ground for us to sit on. He showed me the different parts of his cock, his balls and also felt mine, showing how I was built the same. He explained that we both were not circumcised and that was good because he thought it made our cock heads more sensitive and it felt better when we fucked our fists.

I noticed that his cock was dripping with a clear slippery fluid which he explained was cock juice and that it made your cock more slick when you beat it or made it easier to slide into a girl's pussy. He sure had a lot while I did see a small drop come out of my cock head when he was playing with it. He said that when you were sexually aroused and wanted to fuck that your cock got ready by making cock juice and he told me that in a year or so my cock would make just as much as his did. I kept wanting him to show me how to make it tickle and he suggested that I could practice by doing it to him. I was very willing to do that.

He stood up and I knelt beside him where I could reach his cock easily with my hand and where my eyes had a very close view of him. He showed me how to put my hand around it and stroke it. I was surprised at how hot and hard it was. It was very slick with all his cock juice and he guided me a few strokes, my hand sliding up, over his cock head then back far against the base of his shaft then quickly out over the head again. After I got the movement down, he took his hand away and let me stroke him. He would urge me to go fast, then to slow down, telling me how good I was making him feel. He gave me a detailed commentary all they way until he was ready to cum.

I was really stroking him fast when he shot his first jet of cum which really caught me by surprise, after that he put his hand over mine guiding it while he shot jet after jet of cum. I smelled the pungent odor, surprised at what I was experiencing. After a bit, he was begging me to stop stroking and I just held his cock in my hand as I felt it began to grow soft and as he was breathing hard and telling me how good I had made him feel. After he recovered a bit, he said that now it is your turn and he sat down beside me and had me lay back on my clothes.

He played with my cock and balls and I could feel a good sensation and knew that I liked what he was doing. After a while he began a steady stroking rhythm. It took me quite a bit longer that it had taken him before I began to feel these strong, good feelings. He was pumping me pretty fast now and the feeling grew stronger and stronger. Wow! It was good, I liked it and I just wanted it to go on for ever. But then it became so strong, so tickly, so wonderful that I just couldn't take any more and I had to put my hand over his and stop his from stroking. I knew this was something I sure was glad to discover and I knew that I would do it a lot. And, I did!



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