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My Wonderful Aunt Laura

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She taught me a new way to masturbate!!


When I was only 16 I visited my Aunt Laura in Denver, Col. I was only staying for 7 days but I was sure I would be so bored. Laura had just divorced from her first husband and it was just me and her in her two bedroom house. Initially I couldn't help but notice how she liked to run around the house with no bra which caused her small but nice breasts stick through her t-shirt often showing her nipples. She also liked to wear tight silky panties when she was at home.
On the next to last day she was gone to the store and as I walked by her bathroom I noticed a pair of her panties. They were silky and sexy and she had worn them so they smelled so sweet and wet. I sat down on the edge of her sink and began to stroke my cock with her dirty panties. I had no trouble getting hard and I was leaning back as I felt I would soon come because I was jacking off so hard. All of a sudden she startled me as she was in the doorway staring at me jacking off with her sexy silky panties as I had failed to hear her coming back into the house. She asked me if it felt good and I put the panties behind my back and apologized to her. While apologizing to her my cock bobbed up and down as I was almost ready to come! She slowly took my throbbing cock in her hand and began stroking it. She asked me if I had ever jacked off with anyone's panties before and I told her no. She asked me if I wanted to learn how to better and I blurted out, 'Absolutely.'
She turned to the cabinet and took out her razor and her shaving gel she used on her legs. She told me I must stay absolutely still and I told her go ahead. She lathered up my pubic area, my cock and by balls and then with some hot water began to delicately shave by shaft and balls. I was so excited I though I was going to come in her hands and on her face. She could tell this and asked me to save my wad. After she shaved me clean as a whistle she asked me to put on her panties. As I did this she immediately began to stroke my throbbing cock through its silk encasement. I was groaning and moaning and I thought I was going to come right into her panties. Then she pulled the panties to one side and out popped my cock right in front of her face. As she leaned forward and began licking my cock right on the head I was thrilled. She then sucked on my cleanly shaved cock swallowing it far down her throat. I had never gotten a blow job before and my head was spinning. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better she took my cock out of her mouth and told me she had one more suprise for me.
To my amazement she took out some nylon stretchable hair braids she had and put two of them around my balls. Then she began to stroke my throbbing cock even faster. Then she took two more braids and stretched them around the base of my cock. My 6 inch cock was now fully enlarged and the tightness around my balls and the base of my cock made my cock even harder. She put my cock back in her warm mouth and started to suck my cock even harder than before. I grabbed the back of her head and fucked her face harder and harder with my big throbbing tool. As I thought I was going to come she took my cock out and began stroking it with her fist as it was covered with her spit. I was suprised I had lasted this long but I was soon going to explode. As I began to moan and groan she aimed my cock at her mouth. I had never been so excited before and with my cock all tied up it hurt and felt great all at the same time. When I started to ejaculate she began to run her tongue under the ultra sensitive head and I spurted numerous pearly strands of come all over her face. Some strands landed in her left eye and some even shot up and left their sticky deposit in her hair. She continued to stroke my hard cock until I was weak in my knees and ready to fall over. To my suprise she went quickly to the bedroom and came back with a polaroid camera she told me to take some pictures of her come soaked face and I did. She even let me take some pictures of her gently licking the head and swallowing my shaft deep throat style.
The next morning as I awoke and went downstairs I saw Laura laying naked on the couch while fingering herself furiously. She asked if I could help her out and I said sure. She was fully prepared and she brought out a warm bowl of water and her shaver and gel. It was obvious that she had been shaving her twat before but I gently lathered her up and shaved her clean taking extra care around her pussy lips and her clit. After toweling her off she reached down and mashed my face into her now shaven pussy. I had never licked pussy before but I was a quick learner. She moaned and groaned as I sucked hard on her lips and then I stuck my tongue in and out of her pussy taking time to nibble gently on her clit. She came 3 or 4 times and then begged me to fuck her since I was leaving that afternoon to come back home. I told her I was a virgin and she told me she would be glad to show me how to please a woman. As she spread her legs wide I got on top of her and rubbed my now throbbing cock against her pussy lips. At first I couldn't get the right angle but then when she lifted her ass off the couch my cock slid right in. I couldn't believe I was fucking her clean shaven pussy with my clean shaven cock and her pussy lips were grabbing me and pulling my cock harder and harder. Even though I did not want to come as she began to come and was yelling out loud I couldn't hold on and shot my whole load deep inside her pussy. As I collapsed and fell on top of Laura she began to kiss on my face and stroke my hair. As we laid there together I made sure not to pull my cock out of warm inviting pussy.
After talking to her for about 5 minutes she began to grab my ass and thrust back against me. I laughed and told her no man could get hard again after the way she drained my cock and she told me she bet she could get me hard again. As I sat next to her on the couch she lowered her mouth on my messy cock and began to suck me harder. Sure enough after only a couple of minutes my cock was hard again but not seemingly as hard as before. Laura then reached behind the couch and took out some more nylon hair braids and again strecthed two around my balls and two around my shaft. The braids were so tight that my shaft was again as hard as a rock as Laura bent over on the couch and asked me to fuck her from behind. Her pussy was still sloppy and wet but when I thrust the full length of my cock into her pussy lips they were tight again. I began to fuck her harder and harder and slapped her ass and pinch her tits at her request. I was slamming against her so hard the whole couch was moving but neither one of us cared. Laura then had me sit on the couch and climbed up on top of my tied up throbbing cock and faced me with her sexy boobs bouncing right in front of my face. She was yelling and coming again as she bounced up and down on my cock with her pussy lips making sucking noises as she came. I couldn't hold back anymore and she asked me to bite her nipples as I fucked her and as I did I spurted another load in her now soaked pussy.
As you could probably imagine I did not want to catch my plane later that day. I was super horny and I wanted to stay longer with my 'favorite' aunt. When I returned home and unpacked I found 3 pairs of Laura's worn dirty silk panties in my suitcase and half of the pictures I took. She left me a note telling me she kept half the pictures to remind her of my visit and that she felt I would now have no problem satisfying any girlfriend I got together with. I still fondly remember the 'education' I recieved that summer.



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