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My Winter Holiday

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I've got wet fingers after writing this!!


I have been reading Solotouch stories for a while but never thought I would ever publish this story!! It happened a few years ago in my first year of university.

I had been sexually active since my mid teens and had a steady boyfriend until that fall when I went away to university. My studies were kind of important, so the holiday skiing trip with the girls from the dorm seemed like a good opportunity to meet guys and to take advantage of my parent's ski chalet at a popular resort. My parents were in the Caribbean for the holidays, so it was a perfect opportunity to have some winter holiday fun with my friends.

Though the four of us couldn't have been more different, we had common interests. We talked about guys all the way up to the chalet. It was a big place with an open hearth fireplace in the center room. After the first day skiing, we came back to change and to warm up with four guys that we had met on the slopes.

Talk around the fire was joking and light .... And pretty soon it got around to Linda's boobs! I should explain that Linda has a huge, natural set combined with an angelic face, very blond hair and a very aggressive personality. Dave, the more outspoken of the guys started chiding her about whether they were real and whether her bulky sweater was covering tell tale marks from surgery. She just laughed, pulled off her top. She cupped them with both hands and said, mockingly in a coy accent - '... Why these little things?'

I could see guys covering their crotches when she started touching her nipples to make them perk up and teasing the guys with sexy poses. I have to admit it even made me feel a bit moist! Suddenly Dave and the guys were challenging us to a 'titty comparison', aided in no small way by Linda's encouragement. Linda was such a show off. Pretty soon all four of us were making circles around our naked nipples to make then hard and mimicking her hot moves. I was able to see a couple of the guys nonchalantly stroking their dicks through their jeans as we did it! I had never done anything like that before but was it ever fun in such company!

Linda sensed an opportunity to crank up the guys and started moaning while rubbing her boobs and crotch, faking an over-acted orgasm!! We girls knew it was an act but I'm not sure the guys did by the moans, groans and not so fake protests about the agony us girls were imposing on them! Not to be out done, Linda said 'Ok then - now give us a show! Get those cocks out and jerk off for us!!', rubbing the top of her pubic area while licking a nipple. I started to rub my own crotch!

The guys didn't need to be asked twice. Dave had his rigid rod out almost before Linda had stopped talking. Suddenly we were standing up rubbing our bodies and writhing while the guys jerked off. What a turn on! Starting with Linda, we undid the tops of our jeans and started slipping fingers into sopping labias! She made it clear that it was giving us girls drenched clits that were as stiff as her nipples. It was too much for Bill and Jason whose eyes grew wider just before they shot huge arcs of cum into the air.

I almost came then slowed my jilling to watch Linda, falling into her chair to writhe and finish jilling. Linda pulled off her slacks, spread her legs and shoved her fingers into her slushy vagina, making squishy sounds and coming as she did. Dave struggled to hold from cumming by stopping to watch Linda while I stayed mesmerized by his huge purple cock throbbing on its own. I pulled off my pants, then down at my ankles. Susan and Cindy fingered each other and gave each other a little kiss causing Dave to finally resume jerking and to cum noisily onto his stomach.

The last hold out was Brian who was hard as stone and jerking like mad but couldn't seem to come. His balls were slapping under his hand and his engorged cock glistened with pre-cum. I stood up and spread my legs in front of him while inserting two fingers into my sopping pussy and rubbing my titties with my free hand. I could feel my own juices running like glistening rivers down both my inner thighs. I could see Brian was turned on by my thin inner leg muscles starting to involuntarily flex as I rubbed my clit in front of his face. He could see that I was about to cum!! I began to flex my knees and bounce up and down as though riding a cock. I moaned, tossed my head back and closed my eyes and then came with a loud cry of 'OOOoouuunngghhghhh' to cheers and hoots. I could feel my legs tremble and touch Brian's legs, which were also shaking. He finally started shaking and came spurting and splashing streams of cum onto my thighs as he did. We were both applauded loudly by Linda, now being held by Dave.

The rest of the holiday I can't describe... at least not here, but you can figure it out! I am going to go finish making myself come now. Hope you do too! X Chrissy



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