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My Wifes Sexual Re-awakening

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My wife and I rekindle our sexual relationship


A little background for you.

My wife has not been well for sometime due to cancer, although recovering, due to the drugs, her sexual libido had hit rock bottom. To describe her she is aged 55, 5'11', 11st, 36d beautiful breasts, with large nipples. Whilst she doesn't think about sex, she likes to dress smartly and in my mind, sexily. We haven't had intercourse for sometime, but she is happy to take care of my needs by letting me play with her breasts and pussy to arousal, then, if I ask her she will play with my cock and balls leading to ejaculation.

I, on the other hand, am 51, hornier than ever and think about things sexual all the time! I am 5'10', 14st, with an average 7' cock when hard. I masturbate two to three times a week, usually by getting aroused to the stories on here, and then jacking off to images and videos saved on my hard drive. I can sometimes get off by memories of our lovemaking and horny episodes when we were younger.

Just recently we went on holiday to the east coast of Scotland, and rented a holiday cottage. It was very warm for most of the week we were there, so it made us feel comfortable together.

Whilst intercourse was not something that my wife thought about or was interested in, during the first two days she allowed me to masturbate with her one morning whilst she was getting dressed.

I got aroused standing next to her naked, whilst she pulled on her satin panties and matching bra. I asked her to stop getting dressed as I wanted to see her and admire her in her sexy underwear. My cock was getting hard. I asked her to let me look at her while I jacked off. I hadn't come for four days and was desperate to release my cum. She said nothing and smiled, and initially stood still with her hands down by her sides. I reached over and gently touched and squeezed her breasts through her soft bra cups, rubbing her nipples until they became erect.

I then ran my hand down her stomach and onto the front of her lovely smooth panties. I began to rub around above her pussy lips feeling the shape, and with my other hand ran it around each side of her lovely bum, squeezing each buttock in turn. During this time she said nothing, still with her hands down by her sides, staring out of the upstairs window.

I continued to gently rub her pussy on the outside of her panties, and after two or three minutes, I got the impression she was getting aroused as my fingers felt moist. I could detect an aroma of wonderful pussy scent and brought my fingers to my nose, yes, she was definately aroused. My cock by now was as hard as it could be, and the tingling in my balls was feeling good.

I asked her if she would kneel down and lay the top part of her body on the divan bend, which was at an ideal height to push her bum in the air. She did as I asked without comment, and I knelt down behind her and came up to her panty clad bum, putting my cock up along her crack, so I could rub myself against her silky panties and feel the natural valley between her bum cheeks.

I slowly pumped my cock against her bum, feeling the smooth material warming the skin of my hard member, my balls in contact with her upper thighs every time I thrust forward. I felt around in front of my wife with both hands and grasped her breasts, still encased in her bra. Her nipples were both as hard as rocks, and when I started to squeeze and roll them in my fingers, she let out her first sign of arousal, a sigh.

I asked her if she was okay with me carrying on and she surprised me by saying she was getting wet and would I rub her pussy again. Of course I took my left hand and brought it between her legs and rubbed her pussy lips over the crotch of her panties, whilst I was rythmically rubbing up against her bum crack, beginning to feel my cum building up.

'No, put your finger in me.' she said. I was surprised a little as she hadn't had any urges as such for some time, but obviously she found this event stimulating. I slipped my fingers under her lacey panty crotch and was amazed to find her hairy pussy lips were very wet, and when I rubbed over the edge into her inner lips she was actually so wet, my middle finger slipped through her slimy wetness and up into her vaginal passage very easily. She gasped when I slipped it in, and I began to rub her top nub with my thumb, whilst withdrawing and inserting my middle finger, pushing it in and out rythmically, in time with my cock rubbing against her panty clad bum.

I was getting close now, but I was holding off rubbing against her all the time, just occasionally bumping against her crack whilst I got her closer, as this was something I had wanted to do for her for sometime, as she hadn't got off for a year or so. My finger was pumping in and out of her slippy passage now, quite hard, and my thumb was rubbing her clit in circles, so I introduced my index finger to really fill her up, making it feel like my cock, as I knew full sex may be a step too far for her.

Wow, she was really wet now, and our breathing was coming in short bursts. I could feel her thighs clamping my hand together as she started to get close. 'Cum for me darling, let your juices flow. I am close too, let my fingers fuck you.'

Suddenly she bucked backwards and forwards violently, screaming out, pushing into my cock, pulling my hand whilst pushing my fingers further up into her sopping pussy. At the same time I was so aroused that it only took a few thrusts against her ample buttocks to shoot what seemed a massive amount of sperm onto her panty covered bottom and bare lower back, I kept pumping against her, whilst she was pulling my fingers into her, both jolting and jerking with hot gasps and wetness all over our fingers, her pussy, my cock, her bum, lower back and hand.

When we recovered, with my wife still resting against the bed, and me behind her, she said that was the first time she had cum that hard and for such a long time.

We must do this again she said. Who was I to argue!!



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