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My Wifes Secret

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I have never written to a website before but after having so much pleasure on your site , I would like to tell you my story, so here goes.
My name is Ron, I am 64 years old and have been happily married for 45 of those years to the girl I met in Grammar school when I was 16 and she was 15. We have a grown-up son, we would have liked more but it just didn't happen. We have always had a good sex life but I have always continued to masturbate maybe once or twice a week. I used to feel guilty about this but just couldn't give it up. I always thought that I must be the only married man still doing that, but since reading the letters on the web I realise that most men continue to masturbate all their lives.
Now I've no doubt all of you younger readers will find this hard to believe, but I was 46 years old before I discovered, accidentally, that my wife masturbated. Having been raised in the forties when female masturbation was just not spoken about, I had always assumed that it was purely a male thing, I never dreamed that girls did it too. Anyway, what happened was that I was working in the garden one Sunday afternoon when I needed visit the bathroom. I went into the house and found that Ann was taking a bath; since there are just the two of us in the house, we never bother to lock the bathroom door, so it was just closed to. I noticed that she had also pulled the shower curtain around the bath so I decided to creep in and surprise her, However, when I peered through the curtain it was me who got the surprise because she was obviously in mid-session. I was totally shocked and quite badly hurt that she should do this and I'm afraid that I childishly walked out, slamming the door.
Fortunately Ann is quite sensible and quickly came to find me sitting sulking in the bedroom. It took her quite a while to explain, but then we talked and talked way into the early hours. Eventually I calmed down and realised that I had no right to be hurt or upset just because she had been doing something that I have always done: After all, it is just a little bit of extra physical pleasure that hurts no-one. She explained that she has done that since she was 11 which surprised me because I was 14 before I started, so she had actually been at it longer than me. It later came out that she shared a room with her sister who was 5 years older than her, and had watched when her sister obviously thought she was asleep.
Over the next few weeks we talked more than we ever have about our innermost desires and our 'secret' sexual thoughts and habits, Life really did improve, particularly our sex life. I found that I was able (at her request ) to do it in her presence; this she admitted she loved, she was able to study my technique and rhythm, and she loved seeing how the semen spurted out so far, which was something she hadn't ever seen.
Unfortunately, although she tried valiantly, bless her, she wasn't able to bring herself to orgasm while I was watching her. I suppose the inhibitions were just too deeply rooted, I lived in hope that she might eventually manage to overcome this, but she never has. Repression really can damage us can't it
We enjoy watching soft porn together and I am now quite at ease in unzipping and satisfying myself if there is something that really turns me on, but if there is something that excites Ann, she will simply whisper 'I think I'll have an early night pet.' Which is our agreed code to tell me that she would like a little 'Private time' She will go off to bed around 8 or 9pm and I stay up, usually on the computer, more often than not, surfing for sex sites because I'm turned on by what I know she is doing in bed, and I need to get off as well. When I go to bed at around 11pm she is usually sound asleep; the only visible signs being a tube of KY jelly on her bedside cabinet and sometimes a ladies 'romantic' novel. I didn't realised just how raunchy some of them are.
The best part is that the next morning, when we awake and cuddle up, she will describe her session to me in graphic detail, What had switched her on, what she did and what she fantasised about and she will give me a rating 1 to 10 on how good her orgasm was and I'm happy to say that there are lots of 9's and10's. We are both really turned on by then and we end up making wonderful love together, so you see, our sex lives are enhanced in all departments. Whoever made 'wanker' a derogatory term was so wrong-We are a pair of old wankers and it really is lovely.
Thank-you for your wonderful site and for listening to my saga, do please keep up the good work, you give so much pleasure to so many people.
Gratefully yours




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