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My Wife's Best Friend

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This was something I witnessed early in my marriage involving my ex, shortly before I found out she was cheating. I did have a short fling with Katie sometime afterwards.


'Janet''s best friend, 'Katie' had joined us for dinner and we returned to our apartment. Katie was about an inch shorter than Janet, with blonde shoulder length hair, light blue eyes, a trim figure. She wasn't drop-dead gorgeous, but she was attractive, in a wholesome way, and she did have nice legs, shown off nicely by her above the knee skirt of her blue business suit and matching heels. Katie and Janet had grown up together, gone to school, and then had parted ways when Katie had gone to college, and majored in business, becoming a mid-level manager for a large software company.

Janet was wearing one of my favorite skirts, a maroon number that she usually wore when she felt like turning me on, as she did tonight, taking my hand, and placing it on her thigh while we were at the restaurant. I looked forward to some hot sex after Katie went home. Unfortunately for me, I started coming down with the signs of a bad cold. After sneezing and feeling achy, I excused myself, said my goodbyes to Katie and went to bed after popping some cold tablets.

I woke up with a fever several hours later. I heard Janet and Katie talking at the door.

'Janet, you're my best friend. I love you.'

'And I love you, Katie.'

'Janet, do you remember what we used to do in high school?'

'Yeaah. I do. Why?' My wife sounded suspicious.

'W-e-ll', Katie said, dragging out the word, 'do you think we could do that again?'

'Katie, I'm married! That was just two kids experimenting. Yes, it was fun, but we're both older now, and I think you've had too much to drink, so let's pretend th...'

Janet's words were cut off and I peeked around the corner to see Katie kissing my wife, on the mouth, and rather passionately, a hand behind Janet's head. Janet's hands came up to push Katie away, but Katie, even though she was smaller, and more slender than Janet, grasped Janet's hands and held them tightly, stepping closer to Janet, and still kissing her passionately. I heard Janet whimper, then stop resisting, putting her hands on Katie's waist as Katie's hands came to rest on Janet's shoulders and stroke her hair.

I was hard as rock. It was the first time that I had seen two women engage in such activity, and the fact that one of them was my wife, who at first resisted then surrendered made it more exciting.

The kiss finally broke.

'Janet, let's sit back down on the couch.' I moved back quietly into the shadows of the hallway, and saw Katie lead my wife back to the couch.

'Let's do what we used to, honey,' Katie said.

Katie removed her blazer, and sat down, her skirt hiking up. My wife rested her head on Katie's legs. Katie began unbuttoning Janet's blouse, and then slid a hand inside to presumably feel one of Janet's large tits. Janet moaned. Katie leaned down and kissed Janet, continuing to feel Janet's tit.

Katie broke the kiss, and said 'Janny, you need to take your pantyhose off those great legs of yours, so I can get to your pussy.' Katie's voice changed, and sounded more forceful and hoarse. Janet pulled up her skirt, her head still on Katie's thighs, reached up in a familiar gesture and took off her pantyhose, just as she did whenever she wanted me to feel her up.

As soon as the pantyhose came off, Katie moved quickly. She pushed the skirt up some more, moved her hand down Janet's thigh and began fingering her clit and slipping slender fingers into Janet's wet pussy. Janet moaned loudly. Katie leaned over and kissed her hard, broke the kiss and said 'Shh. X might wake up.'

Katie was apparently very skilled at masturbating a woman, because she kept bringing Janet close to orgasm, and then must have seen something in Janet's face, because she leaned down, kissed Janet hard, and rubbed my wife's clit faster and faster. Katie broke the kiss, and Janet grabbed a pillow and cried out into it.

'Oh, God, Katie. I forgot how sweet that used to be. Do you want me to do what I used to do?' Katie said 'Yeah, honey. Please.'

My wife got up, Katie stood up, unzipped her skirt, letting it drop. She was wearing stockings and a garter belt and crotchless panties. She lay down across Janet's lap, still wearing her heels. I thought that if I had the chance, I'd want to fuck Katie if she swung both ways.

Janet began to do what Katie had done before, and within a short period of time, Katie came.

When both women had recovered, Katie put her skirt back on and her blazer. I returned to the bedroom, hard as stone, and horny, even more fevered than before. I heard Janet make a lunch date with Katie for the next week, a quick 'I love you' then silence, which made me think they were kissing again. A few minutes later, Janet came in, looking a little flushed. I made no mention of the smell of sex on her, and that her pantyhose were missing. She felt my forehead, said 'Sweetheart, you're burning up!' She got a wet washcloth, put it on my head, and held my hand, saying that she wanted to give me a good loving, but that it would have to wait until I got better. That was okay with me, as she had given me plenty of fuel to keep my passion going for quite awhile.



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