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My Wife's Aunt and I Had a Chat

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Sometimes these things just happen


My wife has an aunt who lives in Spain, she is divorced and in her late fifties, rather good for her age in all ways, attractive and outgoing. She moved to Spain after a stormy marriage and has a boyfriend there. We visit occasionally and stay with her.

On this particular visit we had a bad flight and arrived at 9pm. My wife had a migraine and went straight to bed. Her aunt (Sue) and I sat on the terrace and chatted. We settled down to catch up on things and talked about this and that for half an hour or so when I asked her how Sergio her boyfriend was doing and when would we all get together. She paused for a second and then said he was fine.

He is a middle-aged Spanish guy with the dark moustache and leathery skin and a twinkle in his eye that is so common with the Spanish. She has known him for about a year.

'Shall we arrange to all go to the beach tomorrow?' I asked. Sue stared at me and her eyes started to water. 'Hey, what's wrong?' I asked her. She took a deep breath and said 'I saw him at the beach three days ago when he thought I was in Madrid, he was with a Spanish girl, they did not see me.' 'So,' I said 'What were they doing?'

She started to cry 'He was rubbing oil on her, they looked like they knew each other very well.' 'Perhaps they are old friends or something.' 'No, She was less than half his age' 'Daughter?' 'You don't do what he did to a daughter'. 'What did he do?'

Through her tears she told me that he rubbed her back and then her legs, then he kissed her for a long time and she started to rub his crotch over his trunks. She then slipped her hand inside and played with him in full view of the beach.

'Wow, it doesn't seem like she was related.' 'Not family' She said with a wry smile 'Anyway he can just f... off, the smarmy prick!'

We both laughed at that and then she started to cry again. I instinctively got up and went and knelt down by her chair, put my arms around her and told her it would be okay. She sobbed into my chest and then looked at me. 'I'm sorry, you don't need this' 'He IS a silly prick!'

We both laughed again and I moved in to kiss her on the cheek. I truly don't know how it happened but we were kissing each other on the lips and both our tongues slipped into each others mouths instinctively. We kissed for ages, more and more passionately, we were both getting very turned on. I slipped my hand up her t-shirt to her bare back and moved around until I held a large soft breast. I caressed her nipple and it swelled to my touch. She gasped slightly but didn't pull away. We carried on kissing for a while, her hands were in my hair. I pulled my hand out and slid it onto her knee and up her shorts.

I freaked out when I reached her crotch...no panties! and she was very wet and rather bushy. I slipped a finger inside her slit and teased the lips apart very gently. It was so easy to do as she was so very wet, she gasped. I teased her opening with gentle strokes of my fingers for a while and she ground into my hand. I rotated her clit with my thumb. It was very prominent and I got the impression from her movements that she couldn't take direct stimulaion on it. I teased around it and ran my thumb over the hood. She started to pant. She gasped and went rigid.

'Mmmmm' was all she said. As her breathing returned to normal I withdrew my hand and caressed her breast again. She sighed and put her hand on my shoulder. 'What happened there?' She asked 'that was amazing, that was the best therapy I've ever had!' She then got a little guilty 'Sorry, we must not let this get out'.

'As you said it was purely therapy', I said 'free of charge with no strings, I better go to bed.' As I stood up she saw my erection. Not that I bothered to hide it. 'I must go to the bathroom' I said. 'I can see why' She paused '...do it here...please.'

I pulled my shorts aside and started to pump myself slowly. 'It's beautiful' She said, her eyes widening. I carried on pumping, not taking my eyes off her. 'Lift up your top' I gasped. She pulled her t-shirt up and when I saw her large pendulous breasts with deep brown nipples I shot my cum in great pumping showers on to them.

'Fantastic' I said. 'It really was', she said 'let me get something to clean us up.' She went and got some tissues and cleaned the sperm from her breasts. 'Here' she said. 'you do it for me' I said.

She smiled and took my receding cock in her hand and cleaned the sperm off. She gently squeezed the tip and the last of my cum oozed out onto the tissue.

'Once I get rid of the evidence down the loo no one will be any the wiser. 'Don't worry, we'll keep it that way.' I said. 'and I have a GREAT memory...

See you in the morning.'



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