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My Wife, the Masterbating Machine!

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I got married to my wonderful and sexy wife when I was twenty-five years old. Like all normal guys, I had been masturbating since I was twelve years old. There are a lot of fun stories to tell about the solo and not-so-solo jerk off's I had growing up, but I want to talk now about my wife.

We both came from very traditional Christian homes. My parents, I am certain, would die on the spot if they knew how often I jerked off while I was living under their roof. And I don't even want to know what they would do if they ever learned that for years and years, my younger sister and I were casual masturbation buddies. All the time I was in high school, about once or twice a month we would sneak into each other's rooms and take turns stroking each other to orgasm. Over the years we played around and found lots of original ways to rub each other, and we learned a LOT about how the sexual parts of the human body work. We did it so often that we knew exactly how and where to rub to get each other off fantastically. But, I'm digressing....

Believe it or not, my wife and I were both virgins on the night of our honeymoons. Like I say, despite how often and with the variety of girls with whom I jerked off in high school and college, I still had this romantic idea of saving myself for actual intercourse until I was married, and I'm glad I did. In fact, until the night of our honeymoon, I had never even seen my wife naked! But what's even more amazing is that my wife had never had an orgasm! There she was, 22 years old, and had never had one! Oh, the things I was going to teach her!!!

Ok, fast forward a little. I had always figured that once I was married and actually having sex that I would no longer 'need' to jerk off. Well... Our sex was great, and it got better and better as time went on, but after a while, I found I missed my old favorite pass time. But, I also knew how my wife felt about the idea - she flat out thought it was a sin, and I did not feel right to sneak it behind her back. So I decided that I would introduce her to the idea slowly.

I began my plan by just simply giving her orgasms with my hands, and I refereed to it simply as foreplay... why not give her a few orgasms before we actually begin? She loved it! After doing this a few times, I asked her one day if she would do me an incredible favor, and try doing it to herself while I watched. I could tell by the look on her face that she was not too keen on the idea, and it took some coaxing, but after a while she agreed to do it, mostly, I guess, out of pressure. We were both naked, and I lay next to her down by her feet and watched as she fondled herself for the very first time ever in her life. I was so damn horny I was dizzy.

She fumbled around a little at first, but pretty soon she found her clit and started to rub, and after a while she was starting to let out soft little pants and gasps, then she started to buck her hips a little, and when I knew she was climaxing an incredible thing happened... for the first and only time in my life, I blew my load without anything touching my penis! Just watching my wife do it to her self made so damn horny that I spewed without touching! When I showed my wife what she had done to me and I told her how I had never been so intoxicated in my life, she smiled, and I knew it would not be the last.

Not long after that, I ventured into an adult toy shop and bought her a vibrating dildo, which I gave to her for a no-reason gift, all wrapped up in pretty paper and the works. She was shocked, and wanted to know every detail of where I had purchased it, how I had paid for it, and what the store had been like. We used it right away, the first couple times me doing it to her, and then, after more coaxing, her doing it to herself while I watched. She liked me doing it to her much better, and told me so often.

Not long after all this, we got pregnant! We were thrilled, and this had been totally planned. But, as any woman knows, during the first trimester, women are T-I-R-E-D. One night, I was in the mood, but all she wanted to do was sleep. She could tell I was a little disappointed, so she tossed me a hand towel and said, 'I'm going to bed. Knock yourself out.' It was the first time in years that I had jerked myself off, and I did it slow and deliberate. When I was in the middle of my orgasm, I knew that now I had done it again, I did not want to stop. Sex is wonderful in all its glory, but sometimes just you and your hand can't be beat.

So, the next day I thanked her for letting me, and she gave a quirky smile and said, 'Don't get used to it.' I knew what this meant.... I HAD to get her used to doing it by herself, or she would never give me permission to do it when I wanted to. More and more, during and after the pregnancy, I encouraged her to use her vibrator whenever she wanted to. At first she refused, and said she would never do it without me being there, but I persisted.

At one point, I was going to be gone on a long business trip. Digital cameras had just come out, and I purchased one and then, after she and my new little daughter were asleep, I spent the evening taking nude photos of myself with a boner. I printed a bunch of them and left them under her pillow, along with her vibrator and a tube of KY before I left. When I got to the hotel that night, I called. As soon as she answered the phone, I could tell by the way she said 'Hello' that she had done it! It was the first time ever in her life that she had truly masturbated... all by herself with only her hands, her pussy, and vibrator!

When I pressed her for details, all she would say is that it was not as much fun as when I was with her. I said, 'Well, I hope not! But just because we are apart does not mean we can't still enjoy the thought of each other. In fact, I think I'd like to enjoy the thought of you right now!' I then jerked off on the phone while talking about what I would be doing to her if she was there. It was wonderfully erotic!

Slowly, over time, she got more and more used to using her vibrator when I was gone. At first it was maybe like once every five or six months, and only if I swore and promised that I didn't, and that in fact I WANTED her too. On the rare times she did it, all she would say is, 'it's better with you.'

But then, and maybe it was because she was getting more into her late twenties which is when woman start to peak sexually, she began to do it more and more often. One time she confided in me that she still felt it was a sin and that she felt a little guilty, which lead to a long discussion about *why* she thought it was sin. I didn't mind. She liked it. Would God really be that upset? He wants us to be happy in marriage, right? It was the longest conversation we ever had on the subject, and she came away from it with a new perceptive.

All this time, our sex was getting hotter and hotter. We were to the point where an evening was a bit of a let down if she had less then four orgasms, and if we were not too tired, I could sometimes pull off two. We were really into each other. As our passion for sex increased, so did her ability to loosen up and enjoy orgasms on her own. Sometimes, after a long day and being too tired for a good romp, I would fall into bed and drop off to sleep at once, only to be lulled awake a short time later by the gentle sound of a vibrator and her pants and gasps. If I was really tired, I would drift back to sleep with a smile on my face, but sometimes, I would wake up and we'd go at it after she finished, and she'd have two or three more.

Once, I came home from being out with some guy friends earlier than she expected. The house was mostly dark, and as I came close to the bedroom I could hear the familiar buzz of her toy. I snuck to the door and peaked inside, Oh what a sight! She was naked and laying on her tummy with her butt towards me and slight elevated, her legs spread as wide as they would go. One of her hands was slipped under her and was holding her vibrator, which was mostly buried inside her vagina. I watched with mounting ecstasy as she pumped her hips up and down, her butt cheeks rising and falling rhythmically. She worked it for a few minutes and then began to grab the sheets with her free hand and moan so loudly I was afraid she would wake the neighbors and our daughter! Hot damn! This is MY wife! I stayed quiet, expecting her to be done when the orgasm subsided, but no! I watched her cum three more times before she turned off the toy and slowly rolled over onto her back and, with her eyes closed, gently rubbed her own tits and her pussy. I could take no more, and I let her know I was there with a soft whistle.

'How long have you been there?' she gasped when she saw me.

'Long enough!' I said as I got naked. That night, she treated me to fantastic hand sex, as her pussy had already 'had enough'! I didn't complain.

I am pleased to say that after ten years of marriage she has become a full blown masturbation machine! I can't believe how often she will call me at work and say, 'Well, our daughter is at school, and I just finished my sixth orgasm!' Or now sometimes in the morning when I'm shaving or eating breakfast, I'll hear her from the shower shout something like 'This brush handle is not as good as the real thing, but it will do for now!' And, sometimes in the evening if we are both tired and not in the mood to get all hot and sweaty, we'll lay against each other and, without saying anything, we'll just start masturbating - most of the time we'll cum at about the same time, and then we'll kiss and fall asleep.

Life is good.



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