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My Wife Doesn't Masturbate (01)...?

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My wife said she doesn't masturbate, but I now know better.


My Sweetie Doesn't Masturbate...?

I grew up in the late 70's with free love and all that malarky. I married a really beautiful (still is) woman, classy, sexy. As most married couples, sex was nightly for the first couple of years, then children and life seem to horn in on time and energy for good, satisfying sex. From time to time, I would be ready but she was tired and vice versa.

It was more than just a few times that I jerked off in the shower in the morning or in the back of my workshop, but I was mute about it, afraid I might offend her or make her feel ashamed that she wasn't satisfying my sexual desires at that particular moment. My assumption was that she was doing the same and had time to since she was a homemaker and not obligations outside the household. It always excited me just thinking about...her pleasuring herself when she wanted to. Well, this desire to watch her masturbate became an obsession, so one time as we were 'warming up' for sex, I asked if she would want to play with herself. It wasn't the thing to ask, she became upset, and the prospect of good lovemaking was dashed. Now I was perplexed, assuming all girls and boys masturbated...at least that's what I was told by my parents and had experienced in my more liberal, college days.

About a month later, without saying anything, Lotty began rubbing herself as we were kissing and fondling one Saturday morning while the two little ones were watching cartoons. It was fantastic and had an amazing effect on me, especially when she asked if I was going to do the same. Needless to say, I had hardly stroked a dozen times and I was ready to cum. Sex was fast and hard for both of us and as we lay together recovering, I asked her if she liked it that way. Again, her response surprised me. She said that she doesn't masturbate anymore since she has me and rarely did so any time in her life. She said that she would do it for me but was only going to have an orgasm with me in her.

Then she asked me the inevitable and I lied, saying that I had masturbated only a few times during our seven years of marriage. Now I was not only in a quandry, but feeling a bit guilty as well knowing that jerking off was at least a three-times-a-week ordeal. And here my faithful wife was saving herself for me. It was easy enough to quit masturbating, and I did so for several months while Lotty kept me more than satisfied. But then it dawned on me...why should I? So I started up again, relishing the feeling of making my hot cum spew out at will. My employment is three blocks away and I most always walk to work.

One morning, after about a half block, it started raining, so I headed back home to pick up an umbrella. By the time I got into the house, a real thunderstorm had hit. The kids were off to school and I thought it might provide an opportunity to surprise Lotty. Well I was the one surprised. We live in a tri-level home and our bedroom is only five steps up and around the corner. As I rounded the corner, there was my faithful wife sitting on the edge of the bed, back towards me, facing the dresser mirror rubbing away at her crotch. Because of the noisy storm and her concentration, she was oblivious to my presence. The timing was such that she was just starting to climax. After a couple of moans, she bent forward and shook a little and then moaned some more with each breath. Then a big 'oooooh' and a sigh. As she straightened up and looked at herself in the mirror, carressing her breasts while her right hand remained between her legs. She stood up and I distinctly heard the crackle of her wetness as she pulled one of her cosmetics bottles out of her.

And now, I'm in another quandry. Stiff, and horney with an aching cock, do I surprise her and make love to her...or...would she be shocked and humiliated after all she had told me and lied to me? I cowardly slipped back into the hallway and thankfully heard the adjoining bathroom door close and moments later she turned on the shower. Already late for work, I quickly descended the stairs and was walking down the block with my hard erection straining at my trousers. It soon become limp but everytime I pictured Lotty, a stirring tweaked though my loins.

At my next break, I quickly relieved myself in the privacy of the store bathroom. Now it was obvious that she was just too embarrassed to share her masturbation experiences with me. Maybe something was said while she was growing up in her somewhat strict, religious upbringing that gave her those feelings. All I knew was that she did satisfy herself by purposefully masturbating and it turned me on incredibly.

Obviously we both masturbate and I would assume for the same purpose...feels wonderful and is satisfying. Why she would tell me was something I would just have wait to discover, meanwhile plans for catching her more often were being formulated. I would say there are many ways to do this, but I have discovered a few for those wishing to catch their wives or at least create an environment that will most often lead to them satisfying themselves more often.

If you already enjoy mutual masturbation and your wife feels comfortable with mutual 'confessions'...then you might become bored with the stories that follow. Otherwise, just enjoy another man's musings.



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