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My Wife And Water Jets

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The other day my wife and I stayed in a cheap motel in Maine. We were only looking for a room to spend the night in. We had no reservations, and at the height of the season, there were very few rooms to be had. Even though this place was a dump, I was grateful to find a room with a bed.
In the morning I heard a peculiar noise. My wife said,'It must be someone using the water jets in their bathtub.' Sure enough, I looked at the bathtub in our room and saw that it had several Jacuzzi-type water jets. I've used water jets to get off before so I instantly had horny thoughts. I said to my wife,'You know, those can make me come in seconds.' She gave me a look but said nothing, and I feared I might have to enjoy myself _by_ myself.
I told her I was going to take a bath, not a shower (something I never do), so she knew exactly what I meant to do. I filled the tub and when it was ready, I was happily surprised to see her come in wearing nothing but a smile. I got in and she tried to get in too, but there wasn't room, so she sat on the edge of the tub watching me.
I turned on the jets and tried to get my cock next to one of them. Finally I turned on my side, facing my wife, with my cock against a water jet and my legs sort of embracing the side of the tub. My upper leg was partly out of the water, resting against the wall.
As I felt the jet of hot water hit the underside of my cock, I immediately became rigidly hard. At the same time my wife slipped her hand under the water and started caressing my ass, balls, and the base of my cock. I closed my eyes and abandoned myself to the sensations. It felt so good to be approaching orgasm with no effort at all, while she watched and caressed me. I just let my face, voice, and breathing reflect what I was feeling, without trying to control anything.
In a few minutes I felt the orgasm approaching, and gave in to it completely. When the first wave of orgasm hit I shouted involuntarily. With each succeeding contraction I moaned in ecstasy, finally subsiding in a deep sigh. Throughout the orgasm my wife caressed me, feeling my contractions with her hand on my lower penis as the head was pressed against the water jet.
This was one of the best orgasms I ever had. I didn't have to do anything, or to worry about trying to come quickly to oblige my wife jacking me off. I was able to completely relax and enjoy the sensations of arousal and orgasm, knowing that my wife was with me and taking part in the whole experience. It was deeply relaxing and fulfilling. Afterwards I thought about getting a vibrator to try to repeat the experience (no, I'm not going to invest in a Jacuzzi just yet!).
The only problem was that I was picking invisible particles of cum off all parts of my body the rest of the day! After I ejaculated in the water, the jets must have dispersed the cum pretty good, and I was picking it out of my chest and arm hairs that night in bed!



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