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My Wife And My Little Friend Get Along

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Except for changing our names, these are all true stories of masturbation sessions between my wife and I. I have put them in story format for more enjoyable reading.


It was late in the night, and Amy was having troubles sleeping. An orgasm, she thought, would be just the thing to help her relax. She reached down and picked up her favorite vibrator. Spreading her legs she held it to her clitty and turned it on.
'Oh shit that feels good.' she thought. With one hand she moved it around, enjoying the pleasure. With the other she was caressing her big tits, pinching her nipples to erection. Suddenly she felt her husband move beside her. Without saying a word he began sucking on her tit, and running his hands over her sexy body. He planted soft kisses from her cheek to her breasts and back. His hand was just caressing her, holding her and touching her.
Between David's loving and her vibrator, she was soon climaxing. Waves of pleasure ran over body, emanating from her clitty. 'Whew' was all she could say. She realized her husband was still next to her, rubbing his cock against the mattress. Humping the bed was one of David's favorite ways to masturbate. Amy reached over and grabbed a soft towel.
'Here, use this.' She slid the towel under him, then pushed his ass back down. Rolling on her side, she began rubbing his ass and back while kissing him. Knowing how much he liked it, she began saying 'does your cock feel good? Oh baby, I'll bet it does. Fuck the bed like you'd fuck my pussy.. or my ass. Yeah, pretend it's my ass your fucking... you gonna make it shoot? yeah?'
Sensing his closeness, she moved even closer to her husband. She moved her left leg up so that her knee was resting on his ass, her leg on his. She made sure to get her big tits close to him, and with her left hand was rubbing wildly all over his back. 'Oh baby I'm close!' he whispered frantically.
'C'mon baby, shoot your hot cum shoot it!' He began to shudder and she held him tight as he began pumping hot cum all over the mat and himself. Turned on she rolled back and grabbed her vibrator, holding it to her pussy. Before David could even calm down good she was cumming again, enjoying another powerful orgasm.
Dropping the vibrator to the floor, Amy quickly fell into a deep, restful sleep.
Amy and David were sitting on the couch, talking. From his comments, Amy could tell her husband was pretty horny, and could even see the bulge in his pants. Unfortunately, she was just give out, way to tired for any major sex. That's when she had an idea.
'Look baby, I can tell you are in need, but I am pretty tired. I have an idea though. Take off your clothes.' She stood, and slipped out of her panties and shirt. David obeyed like any good husband, getting nude in no time.
She put him in the center of the couch, then moved another chair so it was sitting in front of him, facing him. 'I'm going to sit over here and play with myself, and you sit there and play with yourself, and we'll just enjoy watching each other play. Just a little quickie. OK?'
'Sure!' he enthusiastically agreed. Amy leaned back in her chair, and began fingering her sexy cunt. Her other hand was playing with her tits. She watched as he leaned back and began stroking his stiff cock. Every so often she lifted a breast to her mouth, licking and sucking on her nipple. Not only did it feel good, she knew her husband loved seeing it, loved seeing her breasts get all wet with her saliva.
Now very aroused, she broke out her sexiest, sultriest whisper and said 'I want to see it spurt. Make that big cock of yours shoot it's cum. C'mon baby, I want to see it fly. Oh I'm so close, cum with me. Make it shoot, I want to see.'
'Oh baby here it cums...' he groaned with delight. As she watched a huge blast of cum shot out of her man's cock and into the air, landing back on his chest and crotch. More now, more of his wonderful cum flying out, soaking him down. All of a sudden and orgasm snuck up on her out of nowhere, and her hands were clamping down around her fingers. Her body shook sexily as her pussy throbbed in delight!
As she was coming down off her high, she saw David looking at her with a very loving look. A soft smile adorned his face. She blew him a kiss, and he returned it. 'Don't move baby... let me get you a towel!'
Amy awoke late at night, her bladder urgently sending out messages. On the way back from the bathroom she noticed it was 2 am, and that David was still not in bed. She decided to go check on him, figuring he was still working late. As she (actually both of them) slept nude she thought about grabbing her robe, but as it was warm in the house decided to skip it.
She made her way down to the basement, and headed back towards David's office. As she got close she heard moans coming from within. Then with great suprise she heard her own voice drift out 'Oh baby I want your hard cock right here. Oh yeah, fuck my sweet pussy.'
Confused for a moment, Amy realized he was watching a video they had made together some time back. Stealthily she crept up and peeked in the open door. David was leaning back in his chair, naked. He was watching the tv, and stroking his hard cock with his left hand. In his right hand was a pair of her dirty panties. Occasionally he would pull them to his face, inhaling her scent deeply.
Amy got very turned on, realizing that he was masturbating to her. Absentmindedly she moved a hand down to her pubic area, touching it lightly. Deciding she wanted to be a part, she moved her naked form into the door way and said 'If you'd rather, you can inhale right from the source.' David jumped about four feet. 'Shit! You scared the crap out of me.'
'Hee hee. Sorry baby, I woke up and you weren't in bed...'
'Yeah, I got done working about 20 minutes ago. I was all keyed up and decided a nice orgasm would relax me so I could sleep.'
Amy stepped up beside his chair. 'That's OK baby. You go right ahead.' She bent over and kissed him. At the same time she put her hand over his, and made him start pumping again. Wrapping her other arm around his neck in a light hug, she said 'Come on. Pump this big thing for me. Oh yeah, like that. Does it feel good?'
'You know it does baby. I'm getting close. You want me to stop? Do something else?'
'No sweetheart, you just keep going.' Amy whispered lovingly. 'I want you to feel good. I want to see that hard cock of your spurt it's load all over. Cum on sweety, make that thing shoot it's load!'
David increased the intensity of his stroking, his hand making loud slapping noises as he pumped really hard. Amy's naked skin felt good against him, her tits on his shoulder. An exhibitionist at heart, David was really getting off on putting on a show for his wife. His balls tightened and his body shook as he groaned then exclaimed 'OH FUCK Baby, here it CUMS!'
'Oh yeah baby do it do it.' A huge glob of cum flew out of his cock, landing on David's neck. The next several spurts of jism landed across his chest and belly. The intensity finally subsiding, the remainder of his semen flowed out the end of his penis, covering it and his hand. He sat there, soaked in big puddles of his thick white cum.
'Oh that was hot. I liked seeing that.' Amy was almost giggling. She bent down and gave her husband a long kiss. 'Here,' she added, taking the panties out of his hand, 'let's clean you up and get to bed.'
And I hope to remain sane and to be able to continue (and to enjoy your SOLOsite).



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