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My Wife and I (9)

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Our sexual experiences spanning thirty years of marriage, related to mutual masturbation


As promised, another holiday experience, this time in broad daylight, on our hotel balcony.

Still in Tunisia, 'S' and I had been lying on the sunbeds most of the day. 'S' was wearing a black one piece swimsuit with soft cups allowing her breasts to be outlined quite clearly. The bottom half was cut quite high at the hips allowing her sexy bottom to be shown off to its best, and her pussy area easy access. I was wearing a small pair of tight swim trunks.

Around the pool were several good looking men and women. To our right were two German women, blonde, who had the most wonderful breasts. To our left an english couple, the wife wore a red bikini, which, during the morning, she removed the top to display an amazing pair of breasts with large nipples. With the warmth of the sun and these sexy sights, yes, you guessed, I was horny as hell!!

About three in the afternoon I suggested to 'S' that we pop upstairs to our room as the sun was very warm, (plus I was hoping for some sex fun), she agreed. We got into our room, put our bags down and went out on the balcony. I should say at this point we were on the corner of the hotel overlooking the pool, on the top floor. We had no one to our left, but a balcony on our right.

We stood at the front of the balcony, which was pretty well covered with upright ballustrades to just above waist height, so anyone looking from the right couldn`t see in. I put my right arm around 'S'`s waist and kissed her on her shoulder and then her cheek. She responded by kissing me full on the lips. As we were standing and talking and looking down at the pool I lifted my hand up and quickly cupped her right breast, running my thumb over her nipple, which was hard. I then dropped my hand down and started to caress her lovely bottom. The material of the swimsuit was almost satiny and allowed me to glide my hand over easily. I cupped one cheek of her bottom then the other, squeezing and pulling them apart. 'S' giggled and wiggled her hips. I was getting semi hard in my tight trunks. 'God I am horny love, I could fuck you right now, right here'. 'S' laughed and said 'We might be arrested if we did it out here. You can feel my pussy though if you like?' I needed no persuading, my cock went rock hard when she said that. I moved my hand round from her bottom, around the top of her left thigh and, slightly bending down, cupped her mound between her legs. I pulled my cock straight up the front of my trunks, the cock head almost poking out of the top. I rubbed it a couple of times.

I started to rub 'S'`s pussy with three fingers, on the outside of her swimsuit crotch, tracing her lips up and down, occasionally pushing my middle finger harder between her lips. She started to move her hips just slightly backwards and forwards, she was obviously getting into this, especially in the open air, with people all around. As I rubbed her gently I was getting so turned on I had to have a wank, but was a bit afraid to pull my cock out in broad daylight and start wanking away. So as 'S' was not doing anything except leaning on the balcony getting pleasure from my fingers I said 'Rub my cock love I need to get off'. So she crossed my right arm at the front, with her left arm and grabbed hold of my cock over my trunks. She started to gently rub my cock up and down my hard shaft. The friction made me feel good.

After we had been rubbing each other for a minute or two, I put my fingers under the gusset of 'S'`s swimsuit, and felt the moist hairs of her pussy and pushed my middle finger into her inner lips. She gasped 'Oh god, thats good George, finger me hard, I want to get off!! I rubbed her lips, pushing and sliding my finger in and out of her pussy, she was so wet by now, my fingers were soaked. All this time she had been rubbing my cock, and squeezing the head, I was very close to coming. 'S' gasped, 'Oh George I am cuuuuumin, oh fuck'. She fell against the balcony as she pushed my fingers into her pussy with her right hand, her hips bucked against my hand, her legs opening and closing hard on my hand as she had a strong orgasm. At that moment I shot my cum in my trunks, so much so that the force pushed some out of the material, and a small river of cum flowed down the outside, 'S' rubbed my cum into her fingers as I was spurting. The air first of all smelt of her sex juices, then the ammonia of my cum.

We staggered into the room and fell on the bed together, totally exhausted. We fell asleep, and 'S' must have still been horny when she woke as she wanted to make love straight away, which we did. I must have worked her up to a peak which she took a long time 'coming' down from!

One final memorable story to come in this series.



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