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My Wife and I (7)

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Our sexual experiences spanning thirty years of marriage, related to singular and mutual masturbation


Another exciting experience in our car, this time at night. It was summertime in England, we had been to a family anniversary meal in the Midlands. 'S' was wearing a thin white blouse and soft lacy bra, a long black skirt that had a slit up the middle, almost to mid thigh, black silk panties and black tights, she looked horny.

We said goodbye to the family, and started our journey home. I soon caught sight of 'S''s legs, showing through the split in her skirt, shimmering in the light of the street lamps. I put my hand across and rubbed her thigh gently, whilst driving with one hand. I also had a quick feel of her breast, her nipple was hard and my cock was getting hard!

As we drove down the motorway I continued to rub her nylon encased legs, and tried to feel up her skirt and get to her panties, but the skirt was too tight, and the slit was not high enough for me to reach under. I said to 'S', 'Can you pull your skirt up for me a bit'? She said 'Hang on a minute'. Then much to my surprise she lifted her bottom up off the seat and pulled her skirt right up around her waist, pulled down her tights and panties together, and took them off, leaving them rolled up on the floor of the car, the crotch of the silk panties uppermost.'You must be horny love'?, 'S' smiled. I began to smell the scent of her pussy.

I decided at that moment it was going to be difficult to get 'S' off as I was driving, also if I got too excited I may cause an accident! I saw a motorway services coming up and suggested to 'S' that we went in and parked up for a bit of fun, she readily agreed. I drove into the parking area away from the few cars that were in there, and parked up. We were facing forwards so we could see if anyone got close, (which could have been exciting!)

I kissed 'S' and started to feel her breasts through the soft blouse, her nipples were hard. 'Put your hand between my legs, I want you to feel me, finger me.' Before I did as she asked I needed to get my cock out as it was getting uncomfortable. I pulled it out and held it straight up rubbing the shaft up and down a couple of times. 'Look at my cock 'S', 'S' looked over at my hard cock and moved her hand across and took hold of the shaft, and started to gently wank me. I in turn put my hand across and rubbed her upper thighs, edging my way towards her pussy. I got to her outer lips and they felt moist. I pushed my middle finger in, boy was she juicy. 'You must have been desperate for a fingering love, I have never felt you so wet'. 'S' said, 'I have been horny all day, put two fingers in, I want to feel all filled up!' I did as she asked and slipped another finger in rubbing up and down her pussy walls, my thumb rubbed her front button, she moaned quietly, her breath quickened. She moved down the seat slightly, spreading her legs even more.

She started to pump my cock harder now, I was beginning to feel my cum building up at the base. 'S' started squirming in the seat, she held my hand, pushing my fingers into her pussy even more, they were right up to the hilt. Just then she came big time pushing my fingers in and out of her whilst opening and closing her legs on my hand. She gasped 'Oh fuck George, finger me hard, fuck me with your fingers, Oh God!!'. I watched her legs thrash around as she came hard. This was too much for me, I pulled my wet fingers out of her pussy, which she replaced with hers. I took over wanking my cock as she was concentrating on her own orgasm. I grabbed hold of my cock and pumped it feverously, whilst watching 'S' pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy, I could hear her juices squelching as she plunged them in and out. I pulled my shirt up just in time as I came with a load of cum on my stomach. As she was coming down from her cum, she looked across at my spurting cock and rubbed some cum between her finger and thumb, and moved her hand back to her pussy, and used this wet finger to finish herself off.

This was a great session, one which I still get off to today. Next I will relate two more experiences from holidays abroad involving my solo masturbation whilst 'S' was asleep, or so I thought, and fun on a hotel balcony.



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