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My Wife and I (10)

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The last memorable experience from thirty years of marriage relating to mutual masturbation. There have of course been many exciting times between us, but these have been some of the best. I still get off to the memory of them today.


The last true story I will tell you about is when 'S' and I visited relatives on the south coast of England. We were staying overnight at the home of a cousin of mine. He is married with two children. We had been out during the day visiting the local park and shopping, and when we got back, my cousin and his wife prepared the dinner, and his children were playing, so I suggested that I take the bathroom upstairs first and have a shower. 'S' remained downstairs talking to them.

I went into the bathroom, locked the door, stripped off and got under the hot shower. I soaped myself all over and because I hadn`t cum for a few days, I began to feel horny thinking of 'S' and some of the experiences we have had, (some that I have detailed on these pages). My cock was half hard as I washed myself, I was taking my time, thinking dirty thoughts.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of the bathroom. 'George are you going to be long, I need a pee', said 'S'. It was one of those bathrooms with the toilet inside and not separate. I said 'Hang on', came out of the shower naked, unlocked the door and let 'S' in, locking it behind us. I should explain that 'S' was wearing a low-cut sun top, bra, a flared mid length skirt and blue silk panties.

She must have been a bit desperate to go as she would normally be a bit self-concious about peeing in front of me, but as I moved back towards the shower she hiked up her skirt, exposing her thighs, and reached underneath and pulled her panties down and sat down on the toilet and let it flow! Now I ask you, is there any red blooded male out there who would not get excited seeing their loved one, sitting on a toilet, her skirt up around her waist and her panties down to mid thigh!

I looked at 'S' and my cock became fully hard, I rubbed it a couple of times. 'God you look horny love' 'S' smiled saying 'I was desperate to go'. As soon as she had said that she finished and stood up, her skirt dropped down ready to pull up her panties. 'Wait a minute love, don`t pull them up, I want to touch you' 'S' replied 'No, we haven`t got time, Michael and Stephanie (cousin) will wonder where I am'. 'Don`t worry, I won`t be long' I said. 'Oh your a nuisance' 'S' said, and with that I pushed my luck and reached out and put my right hand up 'S`s' skirt.

I felt her thighs and ran my hand up to her pussy. I grasped my cock with my left hand and slowly started wanking. I felt her pussy hairs and her outer lips and started to gently rub forwards and backwards with a couple of fingers. After a minute or so I felt 'S' get more juicy. My middle finger was slipping in and out of her pussy with ease and she said 'You are naughty you are, I`m beginning to really enjoy this, will you put two fingers in?' I did as she asked and she moaned. She leaned back against the bathroom wall as I was plunging my fingers in and out of her pussy, and I was wanking much harder now. Our breathing was getting heavier as I said 'Lift up your skirt, let me see my fingers fucking your pussy'

'S' lifted her skirt up, pushed her panties down to her ankles and parted her legs for me. I started to really feel her pussy now, rubbing my thumb on her clit. I was pushing my two fingers in hard and almost pinching the front of her lips, I was beginning to feel my cum ready to spurt. We heard our cousins children run up the stairs just as 'S' and I came together. 'S' pulled my hand into her pussy and gave out a muted moan, her legs opened and closed on my hand, and her hips bucked against me. Leaning into me she said breathlessly, 'Oh fuck George I`m cumming, Oh God' With that I spurted a rather large load of cum onto 'S'`s leg, and came two or three times more onto the carpet. We hugged each other as we came down from our orgasm.

'S' tidied herself up, and went downstairs. Apparently my cousins wife said 'We were wondering what you two have been up to'!! Wouldn`t they like to know!

Can I just say I have really enjoyed writing about our true life experiences, I hope you have enjoyed them too. A bonus from writing these experiences is that it has certainly made me hornier than ever and has increased my rate of masturbation from once or twice a week to nearly every day or night!! I haven`t had this sort of frequency since I was a much younger man. The anonymous nature of the submissions should not deter any hot blooded males or females from submitting. I particularly love to read stories from females as I can associate with them, and understand what they are going through to achieve orgasm when I see what 'S' does to cum off. More from females please!!

Happy Masturbating and long live Solo Touch!!



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