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My Way of Jilling

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My way of jilling
OK, you asked for it, so here goes.
I have loved masturbating ever since elementary school. The first time I had an orgasm was in phys ed, during rope climbing. That big fat rope pressing against my pubic bone just sent me into orbit. I never got more than about 5 feet up the rope--wonder if anyone knew why!
I didn't know I was having orgasms, I just knew it felt really, really great. I started using a wide, flat hairbrush, pushing it up against my pussy and pubic bone to get the same effect as the rope.
Later on I discovered my clit, and that opened up whole new vistas! At first I basically just rubbed it with my hands, but I got creative and tried other stuff too. The very best thing I ever used was a golf ball. I know that sounds weird, but the gentle dimples on its surface really feel good, especially when wet. I haven't done that for awhile, but thinking about it, I feel the urge to make a trip to the sporting goods store!
I masturbated just about every chance I got all through high school, college, and on into working life. I actually did it at my desk one day (I was alone in the office, I'm not that kinky!), by pretending to have my leg curled under me but in fact I was pressing my pubic bone with my foot.
Today I'm nearing 40, and am happily married to a guy who appreciates the beauty of a woman "going solo" and occasionally asks if he can watch me masturbate. Of course I'm happy to oblige! My basic technique now is to first stroke my hands all over the front of my body, just enjoying the feel of myself, then spread my legs so the air hits my cunt. I tease my clit a little with the tips of my fingers, till I get pretty hot. Then I usually spread my fingers apart and rub down my pussy lips so that they rub the sides of my clit. That gets me even hotter. After that I'll sometimes put a finger in my pussy and move it back & forth (which as a bonus gets my hand nice & wet), then alternate between fingering my pussy and stroking my clit. If I can manage it, I'll play with my nipples with my free hand. It usually takes me probably five minutes to come, but I like to stretch it out if I can. If I feel like going for another orgasm, I use the pressing method, which for me gives a much more focused, intense sensation. I've gone for the "hat trick" several times, but one or two orgasms is just fine with me.
I think masturbating should be a normal part of everybody's sex life! I totally love doing it and plan on never stopping!
Another really sensual way to masturbate is with a paintbrush. Buy a new one!! It should be a small one like you'd use for woodwork, banisters, etc. and have soft bristles and a rounded end on the handle. I like to flick and stroke the bristles over my nipples, tits, and clit...it feels like an outrageously supple tongue licking and going down on me! And if the end of the handle's rounded it feels really nice inside.
I also like the feel of running water on my pussy. At our old house you could control each faucet individually & just get the right temperature and flow...but our new house has those single-handled things & it just doesn't work as well. Bummer. But, as you can see, I can be very creative...I'm sure I'll think of something. --Christie



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