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My Way

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Growing up as the youngest child in our family I was probably eleven before I figured out the effect I was sometimes having on my three brothers and the effect they had on me.Our parents were nudists and we were brought up that way too so nudity was no big deal around our house.For as long as I can remember I've seen them and my parents nude and they've seen me.As they got older erections were quite common and even dad got one once and awhile.For some reason eleven was the turning point for me and I started paying alot more attention to my brothers.
Watching their cocks and balls and how they seemed to continiously change size fasinated me.I'd watch as one of them or my dad walked,their cock swinging back and forth,their balls bouncing up and down.When they played out in the yard I wondered how it couldn't hurt as they ran around.And sometimes for no reason that I could see one of them would get erect.It amased me how one minute they would be all small and soft looking and then slowly it would start growing and with-in a few minutes would be standing almost straight up and look hard as a piece of steel.When ever one of them got erect like that I'd feel a tingling between my legs and couldn't help but stare.
The difference in size facinated me too.For quite some time dad looked huge compared to them but then they seemed to catch up in size.Actually the youngest of the three caught up the quickest and by the time he was fourteen he was bigger than dad.He was also the least shy of the group and when mom started trimming her pubes short and then finally shaving completely it seemed he always had a hard-on.
None of them ever really paid any attention to me until I turned thirteen and started to really grow.It seemed almost over night my tits got bigger and my nipples always seemed to be erect.I didn't have a little girls ass anymore and I grew quite a bush.I left it like that for a few months and then had mom show me how to trim it.After experimenting with different looks I finally wound up with just a small tuft of hair above my slit.I thought it looked neat and from the reaction I got from my brother he liked it too.Sweet little me would tease him by laying on the living room floor in front of him with my legs spread until he couldn't take it anymore and he'd get hard.I loved doing that.
As we got older two of them went away to college so it was just me mom and dad and and my youngest brother.I was fifteen and he was seventeen.By now my tits were bigger than mom's and like her I was shaving completely.Like my brother's cock being bigger than dad's my pussy as different than mom's.Even after four kids and being almost fifty her inner lips still didn't show,she just had a small mound and a vertical slit.I on the other hand had quite a pronounced mound and my inner lips were always visable.Sometimes depending on how I sat my clit would even show.That was something that my brother really seemed to like and I took alot of pleasure showing him.When mom and dad weren't around and we were in the same room I'd always find some way to sit or lay with my legs spread.
About that time I found out the joys of masturbation and the feeling of great orgasms.I did alot of experimenting with everything from my fingers to tooth brushes,hair brushes,dad's back massager,even some vege's.Some of my best ones came by just pressing my thighs together real hard and contracting the muscles of my pussy and thinking about a hard cock.I even learned to control my reactions when I came.
One night in the living room when mom and dad weren't home and after giving my brother enough of a show that he got semi-hard I sat on the couch and pretented to read a book.With my knees up I started doing my contractions while staring at my brother's cock with had now gone from semi-hard to a full blown erection.With-in a few minutes I had gotten so wet that I thought I could feel it leaking out down the crack of my ass.I was so close but just couldn't cum although I wanted to in the worst way.Then I did something that I never thought I would have done.Making sure my brother wasn't looking at me I slid my left hand down along my leg until it was at the back of my thigh.Then making sure I kept my legs in the right position in case he did glance over I slid one and then two fingers inside my pussy.That was all it took and with-in seconds I was having the best orgasm I'd ever had.Masturbating while looking at my brother's hard-on just a few feet away and him not knowing what was going on just made it all the better.
Suprizingly although I loved looking at my dad's and brother's cocks,no matter wheather they were soft or hard,I never had any inclination to touch any of them.I'm sure with out to much trouble I could have talked any of my brothers into letting me touch them. I never even thought of it.Right now I'm the only left at home so I don't get to see many hard-ons any more.Dad doesn't get to many anymore at least not around me,although every once in awhile if I get up early enough I might see him in the hall with a early morning woody.
My brother's all came home for Christmas and it was quite a treat seeing them all naked decorating the tree.None of them managed a hard-on but I didn't let that stop me from cumming three times that night sitting on the couch squezzing my thighs and dipping a couple fingers when nobody was looking.



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