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My Wardrobe

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A typical evening at my home.


I am a straight male cross-dresser. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed wearing feminine clothing. Among my earliest memories were times when I would wrap a blanket around my waist like a skirt and walk around the house. Later, I would borrow my sisters' skirts and dresses to try on. Sometimes I would try on their swimming suits or those of their friends who came over to visit or sleep over.

After I grew some, about when I hit age 10 or 11, I would try on my mother's things. My favorites were always her dresses, bras, girdles, hose and slips. In fact, my first ever orgasm happened while I was wearing one of her party dresses, her girdle and half slip, bra, stockings and her high heel pumps. It was a powerful moment and forged the pattern for my dressing for the rest of my life.

I had a number of girl friends over the years, some quite serious. I ultimately married a good woman who knew of my vice before we tied the knot, but ultimately couldn't deal with it, so she moved out. During the time, I rarely tried on their clothing, having acquired a wardrobe of my own. Besides, it was not very nice to play in their clothing without their knowledge and cooperation anyway.

As time has progressed, I have accumulated a wardrobe that, I think, is bigger than that of most women. I am sure that I own more skirts and dresses than the majority of women. Slips having always been my passion, I have acquired literally more than one hundred in all lengths, styles, colors, and shapes. I have some delightful petticoats for times when I particularly want to look poufy and feminine.

I have also acquired a variety of special costumes, including military and police uniforms (always with a skirt), nurse's uniforms, flight attendant, schoolgirl and school teacher, cheerleader, etc. I've bought many dresses and skirt suits as well, favoring the professional woman look. I have a modest collection of evening gowns and cocktail dresses, too.

Over the years, these things have always been guaranteed to get a rise out of me and to provide lots of hours of enjoyment as I role play with others whom I meet online or just enjoy a good fantasy.

Tonight, I put on a pretty floral print bra and matching panties, a white garterbelt and tan hose, a black half slip under my grey pleated skirt. I am also wearing an off-white twinset and black 3-inch pumps. For jewelry, I am conservatively adorned with solitaire pearl earrings, a single strand of pearls in a necklace, and a nice woman's watch. My wig is just shoulder length and styled demurely. I have some foundation, a little bit of blush, eye shadow, mascara and a dark red lipstick. My nails are done with a matching shade of dark red as well.

As I enjoy reading other entries here on Solotouch, I can feel myself grow under my skirt and panties. I love the feeling of nice nylon panties over my cock. The pleasant way that my slip slides over my panties is magical and only heightens the mood.

After a period of touching and sliding over my cock, it has grown to its full length and I can hardly bear touching it any more without making a mess of my pretty clothing. Looking at a lovely picture of a woman dressed much as I am, I can't help myself. I hike my skirt up and free my cock from my panties. Enjoying the texture of my hosiery as I stroke myself, I finally erupt in a number of spurts of white cum, some of which lands on my skirt, on my hose and on my pumps.

I don't care for a moment that I've made a mess. The sensation is such a delight and a wonderful release. I clean myself up and take my clothes off. I leave my skirt and hose in my laundry hamper and clean my shoes up before I put them back into my shoe rack with all of my other various shoes (what an obsession shoes can be!).

I have a nice relaxed feeling as I head for the shower to clean up my makeup. I decide to leave my nail polish on until tomorrow to make the moment last a little longer....



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