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My Volley Ball Coach

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I just read a story about getting jacked off by a swim coach and that made me recall this.


In high school my gym coach was a gorgeous brunette. Short hair in her mid to late twenties.

This happened during volley ball. She was ordering new balls and asked me to come at lunch to try them out.

I'm sure I was flattered by her attention, besides I wouldn't give up a chance to see her. I wasn't in love with her but I liked being with her. When it was my turn to sit out, I'd sit on the bench with her and talk, just checking her out and feeling horny. I'm sure my dick would always be at least half hard just being around her.

At lunch we did some volleying, back and forth, easy just to keep the ball alive. After that we did some spikes and that's when it happened, one of her spikes hit me in the groin. I doubled over and just stood there waiting for the pain to go away. She came over and told me how sorry she was. I was in so much pain I couldn't barely talk.

She led me back to her office and I lay on a cot. She went to get the nurse, I begged her not to. I said I'd be fine in a few minutes.

She sat with me and kept asking how I was. I'm sure I was all better in less than ten minutes but with pain like that it feels to last forever.

She asked me where the ball hit me, I was embarrassed to say. Finally I just said, 'balls'.

I wasn't wearing shorts it being lunch time. She said she went to nursing school before she decided to be a coach before changing majors. I should really be looked at.

She had me stand up and I undid my jeans for her. I really wasn't worried about getting a hard on in front of her, I was still in pain.

I pulled them right down with my underwear and she started to say, 'Oh no, leave your under...'

She cut herself off as I was nude from the waist to knees in front of her. She kind of shrugged her shoulders and said, 'Well, too late now.'

She palpated my balls a little asking if they hurt still, saying there was no bruising. She was using clinical words. She'd say testicles and scrotum in instead of ball sack.

All this time I could see her demeanour change, she never once took her eyes off my cock. When I heard the word penis I was a bit shocked. At first I didn't realize what she was saying. 'May I? May I?' She was looking into my eyes and had a hand about to touch my cock. 'May I, touch your penis?'

I thought she already had but I guess not. I said, 'Uh, sure. Um yeah.'

She held me gently and said, 'You may be a bit bruised here.' And touched me with a finger.

'Oh, no, that's just my circumcision scar.'

'Oh, I see. Does it hurt?'

'No, its been that way all my life.'

'I mean your penis, does it hurt?'

'No, uh maybe a little bit.' I didn't want the touching to stop. Now I was getting turned on and my cock was growing.

At this time I don't recall any pain at all. Just pure horny, Looking down at her beautiful hair, her shorts, her legs and breasts. There was no stopping it now. I got a full erection, all in a few seconds and right in front of her, while she just stared and watched. She sat in amazement, she didn't say anything. She was completely mesmerized by what she saw. I didn't know it then, I know it now.

She put out a finger to trace the shaft, then back up and around the head. She gave me squeeze and started a stroke when she caught herself. Like I said up to this point it was clinical, one more second and it was about to get sexual. She realized she had gone too far and she had to make an excuse for grabbing my hard dick in such a fashion. She squeezed it again, 'Any pain, any pain at all?'

'Not much.'

'What you are experiencing is an increased blood flow to an injured area, all perfectly normal. I would expect it. We should get you some ice. I will get some ice.'

She was clearly flustered. All I could think about was blasting one out and all she could think about is getting out of an awkward situation.

She kept looking at my cock though. It was like a magnet to her. I've used this many a time to my advantage now. I give a gal a glimpse of my hard cock and they are mine. I can almost control the with it. Girls are just like guys in that respect. Think about it, how many times are you going to give up looking at a pussy? Never, right you are.

Finally she stood up and left. I was sitting there figuring how much time I had to shoot off. If she walks to the cafeteria and gets ice I'll have, oh fuck it, just whack it off.

The door was open to the gym but she outer doors were closed and I'd hear if they opened. I spit on my cock and whacked away. I was getting in to it when I noticed a sound, I looked out the door, no one there, but in the reflection of the window I saw her. My coach was standing there, bucket in hand, intently watching me through the door where it meets the wall. The hinges on those doors are a lot bigger. She couldn't see my face cause I couldn't see hers. At least unless she saw my refection too. She wasn't standing that way, to me it looked like she was just staring at my cock.

She had her hand to her mouth, intently watching.

I enjoyed the moment, I didn't know I was an exhibitionist until then, I still am now. I slowed down and jacked it off enjoying it. I caught myself from coming once, I stopped and let the sensation pass. I always was an expert at masturbation, I was a very fast learner. Hell I invented Tantric.

I watched her all along, then I shot off, straight up, hoping for the best effect. I didn't get what I wanted, my semen barely shot out at all. Not like normal, just a few inches, maybe two, just enough to clear my hand. I grabbed a towel and saw that she had gone. I threw the towel in the hamper and grabbed another. Holding it over myself.

When she came back she asked to see it again, I knew she didn't have to, she just wanted to.

'Oh good, the swelling is going down. Would you like the ice now?

She put the towel back and put ice in a plastic bag and put it under my balls.

We sat and talked like nothing sexual had happened at all. I did notice her rubbing her thighs together an awful lot. I'll bet she knocked one out later too.

Maybe she'll read this and know I watched her all along, like she was watching me. I still recall her name. Too bad I wasn't a little older when I knew her. I'll bet we would have hooked up once or twice. I'd still like to.



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