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My Visiting Neighbor

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When I first met Diane and Emily at the pool I thought they would be a pleasant addition to our condo complex. They had moved in together from out of town but I realised later that they really didn't know each other very well. Pretty soon I rarely saw them together.

Diane was very popular and often went out with her friends until quite late, leaving Emily at loose ends around the complex. She came over one night and we flirted. I sensed a deep unwillingness to give up on her boyfriend in the small town from which she had just moved. On the other hand she felt that part of moving to the 'big city' was to get into new and interesting adventures. We often joked about my video collection including some of the adult titles. I offered to put one on for her as she was truly fascinated. Knowing that I had broken up with my girlfriend from a fairly long term relationship, she thought she would be a tease and embarrass me by asking what I did when I watched them. I laughed and just said 'Jerk off of course, what else would I do! Want to try it?' She grew red faced at this and demurred, I think regretting she brought it up at all. I just persisted and said 'Yeah every so often I just take off my pants, sit over there and 'jack 'til I'm happy', maybe even tonight' and then laughed. She wasn't too phased but changed the topic and eventually left, saying she 'had to make a call back home' and left. I felt a bit sorry for her, but each to his or her own. For the moment I was enjoying a great sense of freedom.

Later that night I grew bored with television and put on a video. I took off my pants and shorts and sat down. Soon I started stroking my cock by only the light of the flickering screen as the scene on screen got hotter. Something drew my attention to the outside. It was a moonlit night but cloudy. Where I live backs onto a dense wooden ravine with a high fence so I never bother to close the blinds. There is an unspoken rule in our complex that good neighbors don't stare into each others' windows. As I stood and looked out the patio door, I could barely see a figure in a kneeling crouch just off the patio. It looked like Emily with her jeans or slacks pulled down to above her knees. My first thought was 'poor girl' but I couldn't think of a way to not really embarrass her and I didn't want to ignore her. I also wanted to get back to spewing every scintilla of cum I possessed because now I was rock hard and it showed!

So I said nothing, just unlatched the patio door and left it ajar by a few inches. I went back to the movie and slowly teased my cock, waiting to see what she might do. I knew if I heard a distant door slam it was too much for her, which was cool but... Pretty soon the door slid open and she looked in sheepishly, holding the side of her jeans with one hand. I pointed to one of the comfy chairs and she took a seat, quietly moving a hand into her crotch with the top of her jeans open. I just slowed down and lazily stroked while watching her get into it. She would occasionally look over, we'd exchange smiles and she would get a little more confident, sliding her jeans down more and jerking with more earnest intent to get off. Finally she just took them off altogether, threw one leg over the arm of the chair and seriously started to finger paint her kitty, thrashing and writhing until she let out a little cry and a 'oohhOOOohhuuunnnagghh'!! as she came. I could hear the wet sopping sounds as her fingers worked her labia for one more hip bucking orgasm. I could feel my cock get stiffer and I shouted 'I'm going to cum, you're so hot, I'm going to cum' With that she came over and reached along my open thighs and held out her hand like a catchers mitt in front of my jerking rod. I shot a load that hit her hand with such force that some went through her fingers and hit her on the face to her eventual great amusement. She is now a fixture at my place waiting for our 'special time' to start. It's nice to now have someone who will make popcorn but be too busy with both hands to eat it!



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