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My Very Lucky First Time

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My first time was very memorable. As some people would say I was a late developer. I didn't discover masterbation until I was 19 and I've been doing it ever since.

It started when I went over to my girlfriends house for the night since my parents were gonna be out of town and I didn't want to stay home alone with no one to talk to or something to do. When I got there she had rented a few movies and by the time we finished the movies her parents had gone to bed so we headed up to her room. We were in the same classes so we decided to work on homework together. We started talking about things at school and we got on the topic of sex and how the only thing that we had done was kiss.

We both started getting a little horny as we started talking more and more about sex. She asked if I had ever masterbated and when I said I never tried she looked blown away. Her remark was,'I thought guys did it like every time they got the chance?' I blushed and asked her if she had ever done it and she said at least 3 times a week. She asked if I would ever like to and I said yes but I was a little nervous about doing it. So she said that this would be the perfect time to take our realationship to the next level and I agreed.

So I stripped down to my boxers and I was sporting a pretty good tent. I don't think that she had ever touched a dick before but she seemed to know what she was doing. She knelt down in front of me while I sat down on the bed and slowly pulled my boxers down and gave me a sexy look. She saw that I had gone limp and decided to strip in front of me to get me going. She took off her top and bra and let her beautiful breasts out. She then stripped down to her thong. She asked me to take it off with my feet and as I did my big toe brushed against her clit and she smiled.

She knelt down again and grabbed my cock and started stroking. As she sped up she pushed me on my back and slid a finger in my anus that was soaked with her pussy juices and started fingering me. As I got closer to cumming I told her and she stopped and focused on my anus and balls. I think she even put my scrotum in her mouth and gave it a good suck but I'm not sure. She wiped her hand over her pussy and lubed up my cock with it and started stroking again. I started leaking pre cum and when I finally orgasmed for my very first time it was so intense that I almost blacked out. My cock shot 3 long streams of cum onto her nipples and face. She licked the rest off of my very sensitive purple head and then started to finger her self as I regained my breath.

As she reached climax she jumped onto the bed and started humping my chest. I could feel her wetness being spread across my chest and when she came she just laid on top of me with my cock in between her legs just centimeters from her pussy. When she sat up my very moist cock slid close to her anus and she grinned and got off and hopped in the shower. I decided to hop in the shower too and we just frenched she grinded her pussy on my leg. When we went back into her room we were both still naked and were still horny like no other. She told me to put my cock in between her breasts and she started to pump them up and down making me come with another earth shaking orgasm and cummed all over her again. She had never tasted it before so she tried some and said it was sweet and licked the rest up off her breasts. We fell asleep in her bed naked because her parents were leaving extremely early in the morning and they wouldn't look in and wake us so we figured we could spoon naked with the cock up against her anus. The next day we took a hike in the woods behind her house but thats another story for another time.

So that was my very first masturbation. Some say that I was very lucky and I agree, seeing that we are still together today and do it almost every night.



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