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My Upstairs Neighbor Jane

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About 15 years ago I was living in a nice condo building. It was my first place on my own since college and I was happy to be out of my parents' house and enjoying the good life in the city. My girlfriend at the time lived a way away and she and I had a lousy sex life so I was always in the mood for sex.

The Adult Channel helped but I always hoped to find things that were more arousing. Unfortunately for me, I am also quite shy so even though women tell me that I am good looking, I am not forward about asking women for dates or anything else generally.

After living in this building for a short while, and working there as well since I had my own business that I ran from home, I met a woman from upstairs named Jane. Jane was a beautiful Hispanic lady, petite, and around 30 or 35. And she was married to a nice older guy.

Jane and I became friends and I didn't really think much about anything more with her. But she seemed to be interested in me. She liked to flirt, as did I, and we always had fun together during the day when her husband was away and I was taking a break from my work. We would walk her dog or, my favorite, hang out in her condo.

After awhile, we became really close and I went over to her place almost every day. One morning, she greeted me at the door in her robe. I was a bit surprised but took her invitation to come in. She told me that she needed to finish up in the bathroom so I should join her.

I sat down on the bathtub and she stood in front of me facing the sink. We talked for awhile as she put on her makeup. Then, without warning, she put one of her feet up on the edge of the sink so she could put lotion on her legs. There she was, right in front of me, my eyes are just below her waist, and now she has one foot up on the sink, exposing a beautiful, tan thigh.

I tried not to look but it was impossible. Finally I gave in and *tried* to look. But just as I was getting a good look at her pussy, she changed feet and I could no longer see anything. As you might imagine, I was as hard as a rock at this point.

She finished up and went into her bedroom to get changed and told me to come in so we could continue talking. She had a walk-in closet that she went into. Me being either an idiot or a gentleman didn't try to follow her all the way in. But, regardless, something else caught my attention. On the bed were about 15 adult magazines strewn about among the sheets and comforter.

I sat down on the bed as she got dressed and started looking through the pages. I was mesmerized. Frankly I was just in too much shock to know what to do. I know what I would do now if I encountered something like this. But at 21 or 22, I was pretty clueless.

Jane ended up joining me on the bed and we laid there harmlessly reading stories and laughing and flirting more. Had Jane been lying here playing with herself before I arrived? Or did she put all the magazines on the bed to give me some ideas of what she wanted? I'll never know for sure.

I had so many fantasies about this time I can't even begin to tell you. It was fantastic since I love masturbating and having real-life memories is the best.

Not long after this I met a friend of hers and we started dating. This girl was also quite a bit older than me (about 30) and she was very bold. She was bi-sexual and we spoke openly about sex. She told me that she also had a crush on Jane and so she suggested to me we try a threesome. One day when we were all together in my place she said out loud, 'here's your chance.' Jane figured it out quickly and left.

My last sexual encounter with her that I can recall was one time when she and her husband invited me up for drinks. She sat on the couch opposite me and opened her legs so that I could see up her denim dress to her beautiful panty-covered pussy. Mmm. More fantasy material for me. Everytime I looked she smiled at me.

Reading a story on here about about having encounters with a neighbor reminded me of Jane. I spilled a lot of cum for her during the year I lived in that condo. She was one hot, sexy babe. There were several other older women in that building as well but she was my favorite. She really knew how to get a young, shy guy going. I'm sure she had a lot of fun herself as well. Too bad I never got to watch that. But I certainly imagined it many times.



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