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My Uncle's Girlfriend

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When I was 13, I attended a Catholic school near my Grandfather's house. My uncle lived there with him. At the time, my uncle was dating Corrine, (who he eventually married). She stayed there too, most days. She was young, about 17 at the time and came from a broken home.

Somedays I would walk by after school and visit. During the day, Corrine was by herself, as my grandfather and uncle worked and often stopped by the bar on the way home. I thought she was pretty cool; we liked similar music, movies and t.v. shows. She was fun to be around. Even my Dad and Mom liked her.

Corrine was a big girl, with huge boobs but with a really pretty face. She would wear sweaters usually, which always fit really tight around her big boobs.

One day, I stopped by after school to hang out, grab something to eat and watch some television. I had changed into a t-shirt and shorts at school before I left since I knew I was going to stop by the basketball courts on the walk home for a pickup game with my friends. Corrine let me in as Grandpa and my uncle weren't home. 'They're out' she said in a disgusted tone. I sat down on the couch with her and propped my feet up. We watched the tube for about a half hour and and, of all things, the 'New Zoo Revue' comes on. It was a goofy kids show from the early 70's. We laughed and joked about it for a little bit, but then something happened. The lady on the show always wore black or white patent knee-high boots, which I had a fetish for even at a young age. I had been masturbating to women in boots for quite a while. Corrine started talking about the lady's boots, and it started to make me feel warm down below. Anyway, as a young teenage boy, you can get excited at the drop of a hat. I did.

I don't know if I let my guard down because I was relaxed and having fun, but I got the hardest boner of my life on the couch. My cock felt like it was going to burst out of my shorts. I did what I could to hide it, pulling a pillow over my crotch, but it wasn't working. Corrine had been around the block before and she knew exactly what was happening to me. She said 'Let me have the pillow for my feet' and grabbed it, exposing my raging hard-on to the world. 'So, I see that somebody REALLY likes this show', she said. I was embarrassed, but I was still super horny. I think it started to turn her on too. 'So what do you like about her?' she asked; 'Is it that 60's look with the boots?'. At this point, the blood going to my cock was like truth serum-'Yeah, I like her boots', I croaked. 'A lot of guys like them' she said. 'They call them 'fuck me' boots, because it means a girl that wears them wants you to fuck her'. 'Would you like to fuck her, Chris, fuck her in those boots?' she said. I nodded, because it was all I could do. I had never heard a real girl talk like that. 'What do you usually do when you see a girl you want to fuck?', Corrine asked slyly. 'I play with myself', I said. Then things really got wild. She asked me, 'Why don't you show me how you do it'.

I pulled down my shorts and exposed my pubescent cock. Corrine looked at it lustfully because she was really enjoying what she was doing. 'You don't have much hair yet, but look at how hard you are', she purred. 'Go ahead, show me.'

I slowly stroked my dick with my thumb and forefinger because that's the way I like it. 'That's nice' she said, 'Is this what you do do when you see a girl in boots?' 'Yes' I muttered. 'And do you make yourself cum? I didn't know what the word 'cum' was yet, but I said 'I do it until it feels real good and then this stuff comes out of it'. 'That's your cum, and I want to see it come out', she said.

I was rubbing my dick pretty good now and she was getting more and more into it. She snuggled next to me. 'Stroke your cock Chris. Shoot your cum for me' she cried. She started panting loudly; I couldn't stand it anymore. I blew a watery 13-year-old load all over me, and her. 'Yeah, do it baby' she sighed. The second spurt landed on her leg. I was embarrassed that it got on her. 'I'm sorry' I said. ' I'm not', Corrine said, and she scooped up my cum with her two fingers and put it in her mouth and swallowed. Then she leaned over and french kissed me. I had never been kissed by a girl. I tasted my own cum. Then she got up and brought back some paper towels. 'You can't tell anyone about this' she said. 'No one.' I shook my head as I could do nothing else.

She sat down 'You are you still hard', she exclaimed. 'Well got to do it, now its my turn'. Corrine wrapped her hand around my cock and began furiously pumping. 'You like having a girl touch your cock, jerking you off?' 'You like that huh?. I just nodded. 'You like watching me jerking you off, don't you?' Just then I fired off another cum shot, this time landing on her sweater. 'Yeah, shoot that cum baby, shoot it!', Corrine growled like a hungry beast. Again she wiped up the cum with her fingers, lapped it up and kissed me. 'This is as hot as I have been, ever', she sighed. 'You and I are going to have a lot of fun together'.

'Want to watch me change?' I didn't play basketball that day.

We had a lot of fun...



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