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My Uncle & My Panties

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I'm a forty-two year old divorced mother of a twelve year old son. Just being a mom to a boy that age keeps me busy enough, and when you add the fact that I am the head nurse in one of the departments in a large hospital, I have very little time for a social life. Before I share my story with you I guess I need to describe myself. I am a very attractive woman; most men tell me that I am beautiful, five-nine, short black hair and a rather nice body that I work hard to keep in shape. My breasts are 36C and I have a flat stomach and slightly broad hips. Depending on the way one would look at it, I am either blessed or cursed with a generous amount of thick black pubic hair. I would say that my hormones work overtime because I am pretty much horny most of the time.

I have an uncle who is sixty years old whom I have always been very close to. He is my shoulder to cry on. He has helped me out, both emotionally and financially in the past. He loves and adores me and will do anything for me. I also love him very much. As close as we are, I know that he has the hots for me. He has since I was a teenager. I know this because we have talked about his feeling for me a number of times.

What I know that he doesn't know is what I want to tell you about. My uncle is the only person that has a key to my house. I gave him one because he lives close by and I work in another city. If I have to call a plumber or someone to do some electrical work, or whatever, I know I can count on my uncle to come over and let them in and stay with them until the work is done.

About four years ago I realized that my uncle is making stops by my house when it is not necessary. What he is doing is looking through the dirty clothes hamper and finding some of my dirty panties and using them to masturbate. I know because one night after work I was doing my wash and when I picked up a pair of panties I had dropped in the hamper two days earlier I got something slick and sticky on my hands. Upon examination I realized it was a man's cum. At first I was taken aback. I knew it had to have been my uncle. It bothered me a little at first that he would invade my privacy like that but the more I thought about it the less it bothered me. In fact, by the next day I found myself become excited by the idea that something like a dirty pair of my panties could turn him on like that.

I began making sure I left a pair of panties in my hamper and would check them every night. I would find cum in them on average of two to three times a week. Sometimes the cum would be dry but usually it is still gooey.

Prior to this point I would usually masturbate three or four nights each week. After I started finding him cum in my panties I started masturbating every night. I was really turned on to what he was doing. Now when I come home, the first thing I do is check my clothes hamper. If my panties are full of his cum, sometimes I will take the pair I have on off and put his cum filled panties on. Feeling his cum getting all over my pussy lips makes me so horny. I usually do this if my son is home. You can't masturbate with a twelve year old boy running around the house. But I do masturbate as soon as I go to bed that night. If my son is not home and I find a pair of my panties filled with his cum, I lock the door and strip totally naked and lay on my bed. I have a large rubber dildo so I get it out. I first take some of his cum on my finger and massage it into my clit. This makes my pussy drip with juice. Once I am good and wet I insert the dildo into my vagina and fuck myself with it. While I am shoving the big dildo in and out of my pussy I will take my panties and smell them. I can smell myself as well as my uncle's cum. He always cums in the crotch of my panties where my pussy has left a stain. I will then start licking and sucking his cum out of the crotch of my panties. You cannot believe the intensity of the orgasms I have while doing this. Usually one orgasm just makes me want to have more so I will usually end up having three or four orgasm.

There have been times when there was a larger amount of cum in my panties than usual and I have used his cum to lube up my dildo and then insert in into my vagina. This too produces a very intense orgasm. Sometimes my orgasms are so intense that I start peeing while I am cumming. I have started putting a pad under me when I masturbate.

I know that my panties are giving my uncle a thrill and are helping him as he jacks off and cums. What he doesn't know is the panties are now serving double duty. Filled with a load of his cum, they are helping me achieve some of the hottest, best and most intense orgasms of my life. I am more sexually fulfilled now than I was when I was married.



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