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My Uncle Caught Me

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I was fourteen and my parents often hung out with my Uncle David. Uncle David was my dad's younger brother. He was 25 when this happened. He was really fit, not overly buff or anything just toned with light brown hair and dark brown eyes and about six foot tall.

One night my parents and uncle went out for the night. I was at home alone all night. Well when it was getting late I was watching tv in my room and I put on a porno. I was getting into the porno and stripped down to my tighty whities. When I heard my parents come in the front door. I quickly jumped up and turned off the tv.

A little later my dad came in my room and turned on the light. I was covered up but I still had a raging hard on. 'Hey bud, Uncle David is too tired to drive home do you think he could share your bed with you' my dad asked. Now that wasn't completely unreasonable because my parents did buy me a full sized bed and I could easily share it with someone. But I still had a raging hard on. I said yeah sure no problem. My dad told me it would be a while before he would come to bed and I said okay.

Dad turned off the light and shut the door. I quickly pulled down my undies and started pumping away my five inch dick. I jerked for a while when my door opened and the light came on. I pulled the blankets over me quickly and looked over to the door as I pulled up my undies. My uncle stood there smiling. He walked over to my bed and sat down to take off his boots. After he did that he stood up and looked at my tv. The case from the porno was still there. I had forgot to put it away. He reached over and looked at the case then looked at me and said 'Nice porno nephew' I didn't know what to do but said 'Yeah I like it'.

He then stripped down to his boxers and looked at me for awhile. I first then noticed how in shape he was. You could see every muscle in his body especially his six pack abs. Then he pulled down his boxers revealing a nine inch hard dick. He turned off the light and crawled into bed.

I was so hard by then it was hurting. He rolled over and put his arm around me and slowly started to rub my stomach. Then little by little he went further down until he ran his hand over my rock hard dick. He started to rub it through my tighty whities and I let out a moan. He pulled the blanket off us and leaned over me and proceeded to pull my undies down to my ankles. He grabbed my dick and pumped it so hard and fast. After a little bit of this I said 'I'm going to cum' then he stopped and I didn't cum. My dick was pulsing so hard. I went to finish myself when he grabbed my hands and put them around his cock.

I began to jerk him. After a while he stopped me then pulled me on top of him. I felt our dicks rubbing each other. Then he put one hand around both of our dicks and he put one of my hands around the both of our dicks. My hands couldn't fit all round but I tried. We thrusted and jerked until I started to shoot on our stomachs and then he followed cumming on the both of us. The pulsing of his dick and balls on my stomach and cock made me cum a little more. We wiped off with his boxers and fell asleep with me in his arms.

This started many other mutual jacks with us but that may still be the best one.



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