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My Uncle and I

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47 now - younger then


O.K. it went down like this. My aunt, my dad's younger sister, and her husband were visiting my dad one day. I was still living at home with my dad because he was alone. Let's just say my mom was not in the picture and had not been for several years. I had gone out and said hello to them when they came in but returned to my room shortly afterwards. I was looking at a magazine, I can't remember which one and they were in the living room talking. I started getting a little horny and felt the urge to get myself off. I didn't want to close and lock my bedroom door because they might wonder what I was up to. So I decided to go to the bathoom and have some fun. I could drop my shorts and panties and sit on the commode and play with my pussy.

I walked down the hall to the bathroom and pushed the door open and got the shock of my life. There sitting on the commode was my uncle with his pants down around his ankles, a pair of panties help up to his face and his hand flying up and down his hard dick. It was like time froze. I froze in my tracks, his had stopped jacking his dick and time seemed to stand still. The only thing moving was white streams of cum shooting out of his dick.

I said something like, excuse me, and I backed out of the room closing the door behind me. I was to find out much later that he had locked the door but apparently didn't push the door far enough and it didn't catch. I went back to my room and lay across the bed. I was shocked, I was scared-I didn't know what to think at that time. A minute or so later I looked up and my uncle was standing at my door. His face was so red. He immediately started apologizing. He said, 'Debra, I am so sorry you had to see that. Please don't tell anyone what you saw me doing. Please.' I told him I would not say anything to anyone and he left. I went through a series of various emotions for the next few minutes. I was upset and I was pissed that he would use my panties to get himself off. I could not get that scene out of my mind for the rest of the day.

My aunt and uncle left about an hour later and when my dad called me I went in to say goodbye to them. I hugged my aunt and my uncle and acted as though nothing had happened.

That night as I thought about it my emotions once again changed. I began to think about how just the smell of my panties could turn this man on and I started getting horny again. Yes, I played with my pussy and had a couple of good orgasms as I pictured his big dick spurting cum all over the floor.

Nothing was ever said about that incident and nothing happened between us for about six months. Then one day he mentioned it. I was happy that he did because I thought about it a lot of the time. I began teasing him as much as I possibly could. I would brush up against him every chance I got. I would spread my legs every chance I had and show him my panties. Then one day he grabbed me and kissed me and felt of my tits. After that I would let him feel me up any time he wanted to. One night I was sitting next to him on the sofa and everyone happen to leave the room and I let my hand come to rest on his crotch. I acted like I didn't realize what I was doing but we both knew I did. I could feel his dick starting to get hard while my hand was on it.

Then one weekend I was going to spend the weekend with him and my aunt. After I got there my aunt went shopping. She asked if I wanted to go but I declined, telling her my head was hurting. She said she would be gone for several hours and left. As soon as she was out the door my uncle asked if I would like for him to massage my neck, saying it might help my head. He did massage my neck for a few seconds but his hands soon found their way to my tits. Before my aunt returned my uncle had sucked my tits and fingered my pussy, rubbing my clit until I came all over his hand. I had upziped his pants and pulled his big maginificant dick out and jacked him off until he shot the biggest load of cum I had ever seen.

I know we had started something that we would probably continue. It wasn't until about three months later that me and my uncle got totally naked in front of each other. He tried to fuck me but I wouldn't let him. At that time I just didn't feel right about us going all the way and him being married to my aunt.

That day in the bathroom happened over 25 years ago and my uncle and I are still at it today. I have since married and have two beautiful children. My husband and my aunt know nothing about what my uncle and I do. They both know that he and I are close but they have no idea just how close we really are.

We get together, usually once or twice a week, and we masturbate each other. I love this man with all my heart and soul but I know I can never have him all to myself. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but like I do my uncle. Our love for each other is totally unconditional. Have we done other things during the past 25 years? I am not going to lie. We have, but we decided a long time ago to stick to masturbation. We both feel better about doing that. I guess you could say there is less guilt when we just masturbate.

A typical time with us together would be something like this: We get naked, kissing and feeling of each other. I get in bed and spread my legs and he usually uses my big dildo on my pussy. It's the exact same size as his dick. He will work the dildo in and out of my pussy as he rubs my clit. It doesn't take long for me to have an orgasm. In fact, I usually will have three or four. I lubricate a lot and when he pulls the dildo out of my vagina, globs of pussy juice comes out. By that point he is leaking precum and his dick is throbbing. I take some of my pussy juice and lubricate his dick and start jacking him off. Like me, it doesn't take him long to cum. When he is close to cumming I stick a finger in my pussy and get it wet and then stick it in his asshole. He cums like mad. We then clean each other up and look forward to the next time we get together.

He is the greatest and we plan to continue what we are doing as long as we have the urge for sex. We have a good thing going.



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