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My Uncle

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My older uncle on holiday


My uncle, my mother's brother was 10 years my senior. He was wonderful and would often sit for our parents. I was 14 and he came over sort of down, he and his girlfriend and ended there relationship.

Mom said you'll be ok cheer up, oh yes he said but I am now going on holiday alone.

No mom said you can take Nicole on holiday I said sure I would love to go.

Hold on let me explain our holiday was at a clothing optional resort, our holidays always are there, and our uncle often joined us they thought he was our brother some times.

As we arrived no big deal checking in as my family would join us in 1 week so I actually would have 2 weeks at the resort.

I spent most of the next day with the teens swimming playing games and sand volley and my uncle mostly with the adults, he joined us in sand valley ball.

Dinner time was at hand is we left to shower, the sand was everywhere more than usual.

I had developed more now and my crotch was more hairy, we did not shave back then.

I had sand every where and in all my cracks.

Well I had a tough time cleaning by back and asked for help, my uncle cane and washed my back side no big really he had often applied sun lotion to my back side.

We was in the shower with me now I really liked his wet leathery hands on my back working his way down to my but cheeks.

There all done he says and I turn to thank him ad accidentally rubbed against his huge erection, I did not say a word it was not polite and said thanks and left to dry off.

As he finished showering he came out and I was putting on a robe since it was usually cool in the dining room.

Hold on he said take that robe off, I am like what's wrong?

I think you got to much sun he said as I opens my robe. He is looking me up and down I am liking his look as he says lift your arm, yes you did not apply enough sun lotion.

Here's some lotion for sunburn apply it all over before it's too late, ok I say, as he adds I'll do your back,.

Don't miss any spots he adds an he gets to my butt cheeks and down the back of my legs, he is on his knees and I know he can see my gap.

I have a very big set of lips and when I am standing up or laying down I have a good gap between my thighs.

He gets very close to my lips but stops and says good the rest is up to you as I finish.

After dinner we now relax watching the tube mailing idol chat.

I glance for some reason at his penis and notice that his hair is short.

Do you cut your hair I ask? Yes he replies It is irritating so I keep it short.

I liked the way he looked and was remembering how he looked in the shower.

Now I had seen him naked many times but not heard like today , he made an impression on me.

Or maybe it was all the other boys I saw that day.

I went to the bath and decided to trim my hair, I had a very big bush and had seen other woman with shorter hair also.

I asked for a pair of scissors and he had this Swiss army set , told him I was going to trim my bangs they were long.

After my bangs I went down to my pubic hair.

When I came out he looked at my bangs and said good job, not looking at by pubic area.

As I lay on my back he glanced over and said did you trim? Yes a little, that looks like a lot he said, you mother may not be happy. Oh please I say and rollover.

As I am falling asleep my back starts to itch and I squirm moving a lot, what's wrong he asks?

I am itching on my back, ok he says I will get some more lotion.

The tube is on and the only light in the room as he apples the lotion to my back.

Mutch better I say as he stop at my lower back .

Hay more please I say oops ok further down to my legs ok he continues.

He is now ay my but cheeks and I am very aroused I did not mean to be but today I was more affected my the naked bodies than normal.

As he rubbed my butt ummm I lived his fingers were magical as he went closer to my inner thigh,he had to reposition him self to get to my legs and is now on his knees next to my hips.

As he continues on my but to my thigh I hear oh my, what I ask ? Oh nothing it was he tube.

I knew where he was and apparently I cut too much hair off and he could clearly see all my lips fully .

Any way as he did the back of my legs I could see his huge erection as he was still kneeling.

Working his way back up I spread my leg hoping he would do my inner thigh, yes he went up and I could feel his fingers getting closer to my now wet crotch.

I had to be leaking fluid buy now and as he brushed ageist my lips I gave a deep sigh , then he just went and started cupping my lips in his whole hand,

Oh my I opens my leg some more as he messages me parting my lips with his index finger, ooooooohhhhh my he knew what to do. I have never seen south a beautiful set if lips he said as he brought be to orgasim I had to bury my head in the pillow was I was screaming with joy.

I had often had masturbated to organism but never had experienced one like this it went on on and on. I was so sweaty.

The bed was soaked where lay.

As I recovered I looked back to see him stroke himself and saw my first real cumb shooting out of his most beautiful penus all over my rear and the bed.

I am sorry he said please don't tell your mom he said , no il never tell I wanted more.

That morning as I was waking up I glanced over to see him on his back with this huge erection, I just lay there watching taking him in, watching his testis sort of squirm as he slept.

Later as we got up he looked at me and said wow really cut a lot of hair off, I was showing all my full lips and they hung lower than I thought.

I saw the world in a different way after that night, I asked every night for a rub down after that and what a rubdown they were.

I also returned the favor.

Sadly I cannot go in details here it is x rated from here on, I did become a woman that week and do not regret any thing that happened it was so wonderful ,

I had many erotic flash backs and dreams of out time together.



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