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My Uncle

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My favorite relative (aside from Mom and Dad) has always been my Uncle Jeff. He's really just a close friend of my family, but I've always thought of him as kind of like a second dad. He babysat my little sister and me for years, and took us out for movies and stuff, and was really cool to hang out with. A few years ago he got a job in another town about two hours away and my sister and I were very sad when he moved.

Anyway, when I turned 15, my parents had to take my sister on a trip for a few days and I begged them to let me stay home, but they said I was too young to be on my own. Then I tried to convince them to let me stay with Uncle Jeff. After a lot of pleading, they agreed. Since his home was on the way, my parents dropped me off there. It was a great place, I had my own bedroom and bathroom and there was a huge pool. I talked Uncle Jeff into going for a swim and that's when things started to get weird. I changed into my bikini and I still remember how Uncle Jeff looked at me funny when I came out of my room. I guess it had been a couple of years since he'd seen me in a bathing suit, and I'd grown up a lot since then. My bikini wasn't super sexy or anything (I really HATE thongs) but I'd gotten enough comments from boys the last time I wore it to know it looked pretty good on me.

So we hung out at the pool for a couple of hours. Uncle Jeff wasn't really staring at me, but he did give me these little glances from time to time when he thought I wasn't looking. It should have been bothered me, since he was my uncle and all, but for some reason I kind of liked it. I've never really been into older guys, but he did look OK in his suit. There was this strange energy between us all afternoon, and I found myself getting into it somehow. I'd stretch back on the lounge and try to make my breasts stand out and I also asked him to put lotion on me. He didn't touch me the wrong way or make any comments, we just talked about school and stuff, but I could tell he was reacting to me different than before. As for me, I was starting to get turned on by the whole thing. I remember adjusting my bikini bottom, making it rub against my clitoris. That got me really going, so I jumped into the pool and found one of the water jets. That's always been my favorite way to masturbate! It was way too public for me to relax like I needed to for me to come, but I straddled the jet with my crotch for a couple minutes and imagined that Uncle Jeff and I were the only ones at the pool and I was naked and he was watching me.

Now I was REALLY horny and it was tough leaving the pool but I held it together until I got back to my bathroom. I stripped off and got in the shower (thank god the head was one of those detachable kinds) and came in about thirty seconds! That was the fastest orgasm I'd ever had! I'd been masturbating since I was eleven, but I'd never felt anything like this before. I'm not one of those multiple orgasm girls, one usually gets the job done for me but not this time. I still felt super horny but Uncle Jeff called me out of the shower to talk to my parents. I remember being on the phone with them, standing in the hallway dripping wet in my towel and my clitoris throbbing like it never had before. Uncle Jeff was fixing dinner so he couldn't see me but I was kind of wishing he could.

I calmed down a little as we had dinner and then we put on a movie. I changed into my pajamas - which was actually just a long t-shirt and panties. I remember lounging on the couch with Uncle Jeff and thinking to myself how I could get him to look at me the way he did when I was in my bikini. So as we watched the movie, I kept shifting around so that my t-shirt would ride up higher, until my panties were partly showing. Being in my underwear in front of my uncle was never a big deal, since he'd been babysitting me since I was little. But it was definitely different this time because I was getting hornier by the second. I didn't dare look to see if he was too, but I could see him checking out my legs. So I squirmed around on the couch some more until my t-shirt was all the way up to my waist and my panties were completely showing. I kept my legs together because I was really getting wet and I didn't want him to see. Suddenly he got up and said he was going to bed early and would I please turn off the TV when the movie was done. I asked him if he was all right and he said yes, he just needed to lie down for a while. He gave me a quick kiss on my forehead and headed to his room.

I had a pretty good idea what he was really going to do and I was so turned on that I just HAD to see for myself. So after about 5 minutes, I snuck down the hallway. His bedroom door was shut, but I slowly opened it. And I caught him in the act! He was sitting on the edge of his bed wearing just a bathrobe with one hand slowly moving up and down on his penis. I'd fooled around with a few boys before, but I'd never really gone very far and this was really the first time I'd ever seen a guy with a hard-on. His eyes were closed and I remember staring at his penis thinking how it looked scary and silly and cool all at the same time. And every second I looked, my vagina kept getting wetter and wetter.

Suddenly he opened his eyes and when he saw me there he quickly covered up and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was just curious and could I please watch. He said no, but I kept pleading with him and finally he said yes, but only if we didn't touch each other. So I moved a few feet away from him and he opened his robe and started stroking his penis again. I really didn't know if it was bigger than average, but it sure looked huge to me. After a few minutes, my clitoris and my nipples were throbbing harder than ever and I started to touch my breasts. I don't think I've ever been so horny, before or after.

I moved closer to him but he stopped and reminded me we weren't supposed to touch each other. I wanted to see him go all the way, but couldn't wait to take care of myself either. You know that feeling you get when you get so turned on you just HAVE to wrap your legs around something and squeeze? So I decided the only way to keep things going was to take off my t-shirt. I remember standing in front of my uncle, wearing only my panties and the amazed look he got as he stared me up and down. I mean, his mouth actually dropped open when he saw me. I don't have huge breasts, but he must have liked what I had because he started to stroke himself again and I think his penis got even bigger! Meanwhile, I stepped right up to the edge of the bed and straddled his thigh while facing him. I started humping his leg like I used to hump pillows when I was first learning to masturbate. Normally, that doesn't do much for me but looking at his penis one foot away while I was moving up and down on his leg was UNBELIEVABLE!!!

He was still stroking himself while staring at my breasts while I just kept squeezing and squeezing until OMG! He came, shooting these huge globs of sperm all over his legs and mine. Some of it landed on my breasts and I remember part of me surprised at how warm it was. And that set ME off! OMG again! I came so hard I felt like I was peeing all over his leg. It was the most powerful orgasm I'd ever had and I was so wiped out I practically collapsed onto him. We stayed like that for about a minute, lying on the bed with me in just my panties. Finally, he pulled me off and said I'd better shower and get to bed. I remember being embarrassed and excited at the same time, looking back at how wet his leg was where I had been sitting. I picked up my t-shirt and headed for the bathroom and had two more great orgasms during my shower.

The next morning we were both kind of shy for awhile. He said it was normal to be curious but that we shouldn't have touched each other. I told him I didn't mind at all and how much I really enjoyed it. He told me I was a beautiful young woman, and he really thought I was sexy, but that we couldn't do anything like that again. The rest of the weekend was more normal, and my uncle and I never repeated the experience, but our relationship did change after that, and we started talking a lot more about sex and boys and life.

Looking back a year later, I think what made that whole thing so amazing was realizing for the first time the power I had as a woman. Not just turning on boys my own age, but that I could turn on a grown man and have him react to my body that way. Uncle Jeff's married now, but I'll always remember how special that day was and how glad I am that it happened.



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