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My Uncle

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I think I must have matured sexually early because by the time I was 10 years old I was playing with my pussy on a regular basis. I wasn't having orgasms but it did indeed feel good when I touched myself. I was somewhat naive because I thought I was the only person in the world that had discovered this form of play. So from 10 years of age to 12 I did a lot of touching and feeling under the cover and in the darkness of my room each night. By the time I was 13 I had started having orgasms when I masturbated. I will never forget the first one I had. I was expecting it to feel good but I realized that night what I had been experiencing was the part leading up to an orgasm. That night when my first orgasm hit I thought my pussy was going to explode. My body was bucking so wildly I almost bounced myself out of the bed. And Oh the feeling. I thought it would never stop, not that I wanted it to.
I was starting to get very curious about boys and would take every opportunity to learn as much as I could about any male. Although I had learned a lot I still had lots to learn. I have an uncle I am particular fond of and at that age I kinda had a crush on him. One day he and my aunt were visiting us and everyone was outside where my dad was cooking on the grille. My uncle excused himself and went to the bathroom. We lived in an old house at that time and I had found a hole in the wall in the utility room where I could peep into the bathroom. I decided to peep at my uncle to see if I could get a good look at his cock. I got a lot more. The first thing my uncle did was pee. Then to my surprise he opened the dirty clothes hamper and pulled out a pair of my panties. He then started pulling his pants down and he sat down on the commode. I had no idea what was about to happen next. As soon as he sat down he took his cock in his hand and I realized it had grown larger than it was when I watched him pee. He started pulling this skin back uncovering the head. I had seen some pictures of guys' cocks but none of them had skin covering it like my uncle's did. He then reached for my panties and opened them up so that he was looking at the crotch. He immediately held them to his nose and started smelling them. Occasionally he would lick the crotch of my panties, even chewing on my panties. The more he smelled and licked the harder his cock became. His hand was a blur as it moved up and down over his cock. Pretty soon I heard him moan and say, 'Oh fuck me Debra. Fuck me baby. Your pussy smells and tastes so good. I'm going to cum in your pussy Debra. Oh fuck me Debra.' With that he held my panties down to his cock and wrapped them around it and started moaning and groaning. I sat there almost in a state of shock. I was happy, kinda scared, excited, turned on, confused all at the same time. In other words I really didn't know what to think. I knew that guys masturbated like girls and that they came but I had never heard of anyone else do what I had just seen my uncle do.
I watched as my uncle put my panties back in the clothes hamper. He pulled his pants up and left the bathroom. I could hardly wait to get to the bathroom and look at my panties. Within a minute I was in the bathroom with the door locked tightly. I pulled my shorts and panties down and sat on the commode. I got my panties out of the hamper. Immediately I realized that they were covered with his cum. I remember thinking that it was slick just like the juice that comes out of my pussy when I have an orgasm. I had heard older girls talking about sucking guys off so I wanted to taste his cum. I licked some of it off my panties. It was almost tasteless. Not bad at all. I smelled of the crotch of my panties as my uncle had done and realized that they smelled just like my pussy did. All the pieces of the puzzle began to come together for me as I sat there on the commode that day. I gave my pussy a quick rub and promised myself that it would get more attention that night. By the time I went to bed that night I had pretty much sorted things out and I realized why my uncle was playing with my panties and it turned me on to know that the odor of my body could turn him on. I took those dirty panties to bed with me that night and I masturbated to the smell of my uncle's cum. I had one of the strongest orgasm of my life that night.
I am now in my 30's. I am an attractive woman, 5'10, 130, long legs, very nice body and long dark brown hair. I have no trouble what-so-ever attracting men, which I do often. But I still love to masturbate and do so at least once a day. Since that day I watched my uncle I have tried masturbating every way possible. I have used vibrators, dildos, the shower, you name it. I have ever masturbated with other girls and we masturbated each other. I have done it with guys and even had them masturbate me. But my favorite way is to strip totally naked and sit in front of the computer and read stories from SOLO. I sit with my legs spread so I can have good access to my pussy. Some of the stories turn me on more than others. By the time I finish reading them my pussy is soaking wet. I then get in my bed and put a pillow under my ass and get my big rubber cock out. I get it wet by rubbing it around the outside of my pussy. I slowly ease it into my pussy as far as I can get it and just hold it there. It is really big and sometimes hurts a little going in. I then began playing with my clit. I sometimes masturbate without my rubber cock but I miss that feeling of being filled so I normally use the cock. I let my mind run wild as I massage my clit. I think back to the day I watched my uncle take his big hard cock and stroke it until he came. I think of other experiences I have had and some that I would like to have. Pretty soon I reach that point of no return and my orgasm starts. I cum and I cum hard. Some of my pussy juice will actually spurt out around the big rubber cock when I orgasm. As I cum my pussy floods. I guess I am one of those women that they call squirters because I do make a mess when I cum. I have learned to put a towel between my ass and the pillow or I will get the pillow wet. My pussy hair gets covered and matted with my juice. Pussy juice runs down the crack of my butt.
I still have the hots for my uncle but other than a little touching and feeling nothing has ever happened between us. If he wasn't married to my aunt it might be a different story. He has no idea that I watched him that day nor does he know that I watched him several other times. He has probably jacked off into every pair of panties I ever owned. He still does it today and although I can't watch him I still get hot thinking about him doing it.



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