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My Twin Buds

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Excellent site. Thought I should finally contribute to this great system.


I met my good friends James and Trevor when I was a freshman in high school. These buds of mine are identical twins. Blonde, skinny, 5'8' tall. People always had trouble telling them apart, but not me. I was a good 5'9', slightly athletic build with brown hair.

Now I had been masturbating since age 13, but never imagined that I would ever masturbate with another man. I always thought masturbation was just a natural private thing that all men do for pleasure and to relieve stress.

Anyways, I became pretty close to James and Trevor. We would flirt, which I passed off as a joke, and sometimes mention masturbation. What always made me hard was when the twins would cuddle with me, which I didn't mind. I find it important to be comfortable with your sexuality, which at that time I thought I was straight.

One summer day the three of us were playing videogames in the spare bedroom. It was hot so we were all in nothing but our shorts. At the end of some game Trevor got into cuddling with me. He was on top of me, on my back, rubbing his hairless legs on my hairy legs. Trevor always seemed intrested with the hair that I had where he lacked it.

At this point I had a semi hard-on. And his breathing chest on my back made the moment pretty intimate. I released a sigh of pleasure which seemed to startle him off my back. I said, 'Don't stop! That felt nice.' I flipped onto my back to look at Trevor. 'Really?' he replied with a chuckle. 'Of course it did.' I said.

James was watching as his brother Trevor ran his hands up and down my legs. My penis had become very hard now. James exclaimed, 'Yeah! He really does like that.' Trevor slipped one of his hands up the leg of my shorts and rubbed my dick. I let out another breath of pleasure and told him it was alright to touch it. He rubbed it a few more times before he stopped.

'I really need to jerk off now!' I laughed. 'Then let's do it together man.' said James. I was shocked for a second that these two even suggested such a task. They both began to remove their shorts and I eagerly removed mine.

So there I was sitting on the spare bed masturbating with my two best friends. I never thought of such an encounter before, but I knew I felt like I was in heaven. I was 6' long, uncut with a large bush of brown pubes. Trevor and James had identical dicks of 5' with a very little patch of blonde pubes, also uncut.

The twins had their eyes glued to my tool, which turned me on so much. I had a nice amount of pre-cum on the tip. Seeing their eyes glued to me was too much and I threw myself back on the bed bucking my hips and spewing a magnificent load on my chest and abs.

I shivered with glee when James reached over and took some of my cum and rubbed it into his own cock. It wasn't long until the blonde hunks leaned back and shot their loads as well. Spent, we laid on the bed talking about girls.

Trevor rolled over on top of me, our gooey cold semen rubbing into each other. We both got hard again, but we just fell asleep for the night with James sleeping next to us.

The next morning James insisted that all three of us take a shower together since their parents had already left for work. We masturbated again and even took turns masturbating each other. The shower made the experience even more exciting. I was transfixed to feeling the twins hairless bodies all wet.

We had some more fun that summer and the next, but when they turned 17 we never did anything else. They're both straight, and I'm bisexual. I'm still really good friends with them and hope that someday I can jerk off with those twins again.



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