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My True Story

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I detect some untrue stories, this is true.


The first remembrance of my boyhood is that I had a penis and it was only for peeing; us boys and girls called it a peter. I knew girls were different. I knew that peeing was more convenient with a penis, no big deal. No one ever had a talk with me about sex. I learned from my playmates and brother that is four years older than me. No one ever touched my penis and I never touched anyone's. My brother was my hero, and I tried to imitate everything he did.

As long as I can remember I woke with a pee erection, I still do. We caled an erection a stick-up. I never could pee with an erection. I was hurting to pee and I wanted my penis to get soft so I could pee. When it got soft enough to bend, I could pee. I imitated my brother by pulling back my skin untill the pee slit was exposed then peed. I could not skin back all the way until I was twelve. When we would bathed he would skin back and wash off some kind of white stuff.I could smell his skinned penis. Years later I found that smell would turn girls on. A few of my playmates had a glans that was bare of skin some had part of the glans uncovered. I found years later that the skin was cut away. I shuddered at the thought of cutting the foreskin.

Some boys had little to a lot of overhang. I had no overhang.

Growing up, I had many erections all the time. My penis would start throbbing and get stiff and throb for a while and get soft. I was always glad when it got soft for my penis would hurt and my testicles ache if it stayed stiff too long. Once my brother laid on the bed and his penis glans was dark blue. He said it hurt and he was moving his foreskin up and down. He said it made his penis feel better and it was the only way to make it soft. He pumped up and down for a long time and suddenly acted if he was in a lot of pain. Some white sticky stuff dripped out of his penis and it got soft. He said the feling felt good and hurt at the same time. He fell a sleep for a while and then had to run and pee.

Once when I was twelve I had an erection for a long time that turned my glans blue. My penis and testicles ached. I remembered what my brother had done and I did it. The feeling was so intense that I could hardly stand it. I dripped some sticky stuff. My penis was sore for a while. I never wanted to do that again, and I didn't for a long time until I had a blue erection. I learned it was masturbation I was doing. I only did it when I had to. When I was thirteen I was standing up pumping to get rid of a painful erection. Suddenly the feeling started. One big blob shot from my penis to my amazement. Later I could shoot no more than three big blobs and the rest ran out. When I got soft I had to pee badly that felt good. When I was 15 and learned to read a ruler, I measured my penis along the top. It barely made five inches. I am six inches now. I measured how far I could shoot standing up. I measured three feet with a yard stick. I could not shoot as far lying on my back.

I had my first wet dream at thirteen. I always woke up as I was shooting. No big deal, my cotton underwear absorbed the semen and I went back to sleep.

Once I tried to see how many times I could masturbate in a day. I was sixteen. I did it three times. I tried a fourth time. I pumped and pumped and gave up. I was really sore the next day.

I can leave the skin back and it looks like I am circumcised. Too long will make my foreskin itchy and it will start to swell from fluid build up. When I was a teenager I would leave it back so it would toughen up and not be so sensitive.

I had a playmate that had a penis that when hard would curve down like curling your forefinger down. I don't think he could do a girl. I had a playmate that was thirteen when I met him. He could not get an eretion no matter how he tried.

I am married with two children. My wife and I are on the heavy side. Sex takes a great deal of effort. We masturbate each other and alone.

I have such intense orgasms that I masturbated only when I had to before I married.



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