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My Towel Method

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I've never seen anyone post this technique before and since it's pretty simple, you might want to try it:
I don't like cockrings, so I use a towel instead.
I lay on my back naked and use a soft, small bath towel.
I put one long edge of the towel under my balls and then fold the ends of the towel up over my belly. I then twist the ends, which pulls the edge of the towel up tight against the underside of my balls. I hold the twisted ends in my left hand and slowly beat off with my right hand. I sometimes have to stop a second and twist the ends tighter. And sometimes the towel slips over my balls a bit and I have to stop, reposition the towel and re-twist it to make sure it's tight enough.
While I'm beating off, I'm into my favorite fantasies, which is usually playing out a scenario of some male celebrity, like 'Bo' Duke of the 'Dukes of Hazzard' in a barn teaching a young virgin the joys of first time sex. The girl has gone to the barn to gather eggs and 'Bo' follows her in and closes the door. He tells her he needs help with the goats and takes her over to their stall. He says the female is in heat and she needs to be bred. He has the girl hold the female goat's collar and he brings over the male goat. He has the male goat mount the female and he tells the girls exactly how the goats do it and even has her come around and hold the male goat's balls as it's fucking the female goat. He describes what the female goat is feeling, preparing the girl for the few seconds of pain that are to come when 'Bo' pops the girl's cherry.
He then takes her to a hidden corner of the barn, gets her to strip down. (Sometimes I fantasize I'm the girl's younger brother and I'm hidden in the barn watching all this happen.) He then undresses himself, and uses foreplay to get her ready. He then mounts her and slowly pushes his huge dick into her. She takes him O.K. and pretty soon he's giving it to her full blast. He likes it hard and fast. After a few minutes, she lets out a little scream and he immediately stops. He thinks he's been too rough and he's hurting her. After a minute and she hasn't said anything, he starts in again and in a minute he's going at it hard again, panting and grunting with pleasure. Then she lets out another little squeal and he stops again. After a few seconds he growls, 'Does it hurt?' There's a pause and then she says, 'No' very quietly. There's a pause and then he says, 'Does it feel good?' Again there's a pause and then she says, 'Yes.' And he thinks, 'Hey! She's going to get off!' and then he concentrates his effort in making her have her first orgasm. He knows if he can get her off, he won't have any problem with her telling anyone and he'll also be able to get her to cooperate from now on.
He says, 'Put your arms around me. Tighter! Put your hands down lower. Lower! That's right, put them right on my ass. Now hold tight!' Then, as he's pumping, he says, 'Now put your legs around me! Tighter! Squeeze them tight! Now move your ass up and down. When I push down, you move up and when I move up, you move down. That's it! Now match my moves up and down. Good! Keep at it! Harder! Faster! That's it! Fuck it! Fuck my dick! Keep going! If I slow down then you slow down. If I go fast, you go fast. That's the way!' He keeps giving her instructions and encouragement. After a short time, she's really good at it!
After a few minutes she begins to moan and he works on her bringing her to her first crashing orgasm. As she's cumming, he holds steady and lets her set her own pace, getting as much pleasure as she wants. He lets her cool down for a minute and then says, 'Did you like that?'' She says, 'Yes', very quietly. He then says, 'And guess what, we're not finished yet. We have to keep going until you make me feel good like that.'
And he starts fucking her again.
In my fantasy, he might make her have two or three orgasms before he finally reaches his. I make sure my climax matches his.
As I get close to cumming, timing my orgasm with 'Bo's', I twist the towel tighter and beat faster.
We 'both' start making lust grunts that scare the girl and he has to explain to her that the noises are because it feels good and not because it's hurting.
After 'we're' done, I usually fall into a deep relaxed sleep, sometimes thinking about him taking a ten minute rest and then going for round 2, and even round 3 and 4! He then gets up, gets dressed, and gets back to work, telling her to get dressed and go do the housework and pretend like nothing happened. She agrees, no problem. As he leaves the barn, he says, 'We'll do it again this afternoon.' And she nods and goes back in the house.
I never tire of this fantasy! I have more elaborations on this theme if anyone wants to hear them.
Let me know!



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