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My Time With Two Girls

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My accidental night with two girls when I was in college


My college dorm had a sundeck on the roof. In the warmer months, which was basically all year, we would have "parties" on the deck since we lived on the top floor. They were basically just a bunch of people that would show up and bring what ever to drink and hang out. I was giving my roommate some alone time with his girlfriend in my room so I decided to see who was on the deck.

I ran into some friends and was just generally hanging out. In the group was a girl I knew because she also knew the group that I was talking to. She was from a town close to me and I gave her a ride home over a couple of the breaks when I went home. We were friendly but didn't really know each other that well. My friends decided to make their way to another bigger party so I was just left with this girl. I don't remember her name so let's call her Kathy.

We continued talking and eventually got tired of standing. We sat on one of the chaise lounges that were for sunning. Eventually it turned into kissing then making out. I had suspected that she had a bit of a crush on me but I was not sure. I guess I found out that night. Anyway, I found myself laying back on the chaise lounge with her straddling me and we were really kissing hard. My hands were groping all around her body, under her shirt and under her skirt. She tried to undo my shorts and pull out my cock. Even though we were at the edge of the deck where the chairs were, we were still in plain sight of everyone else. Besides, I told her that I had no condoms so we weren't having sex.

We left the party and returned to her room. Our dorm rooms were just square rooms with two beds, two dressers, and two desks. There was no place to have any privacy if your roommate was there - and hers was. She was already asleep when we opened the door. She stirred but didn't seem to wake up when we came in. We crept over to Kathy's bed, undressed and crawled under the covers. We continued kissing and groping each others bodies. This girl was cute but not what I would call pretty but she had a KILLER body. She had a round ass thin frame and c up boobs that stuck straight out with nice pencil eraser sized nipples that just beckoned you to play with them.

She was laying on her back and I was on my side, with my back to the roommates bed. I was kissing Kathy and sucking her beautiful breasts. My hand worked its way down between her legs. I slowly rubbed outside her pussy. She had the great, fat pussy lips that you could pull and stretch. She was soaking wet and I slipped one, then two fingers into her. I had my middle two fingers in her pussy and my palm was rubbing on her clit. My mouth was on her breast and she was having a great time. Shortly, her hips started rocking in time with my hand and she pullled me up to her mouth. She kissed me hard as she had her first orgasm of the night. She kind of moaned into my mouth while she was kissing me and her hips were really rolling pretty hard. It was more she was fucking my hand than I was fingering her.

After Kathy came, it was my turn. I laid down and she propped herself up on her side. My cock was leaking precum like crazy. She went straight to my cock and started stroking it - fist fucking it is a more apt description. I slowed her down and showed her how I liked it slow and steady. We were making out and she started to work her way down my stomach and eventually slid my cock into her nice warm mouth. She would lick around the head, down the side and up the bottom of my cock. Then she would slide my cock into her mouth and down as far as she could. It felt fantastic!

Her roommate stirred and I turned my head to see her awake and watching us. She was kind of half sitting up on her elbows watching Kathy suck my dick. The roommate was what Howard Stern used to call a "butter face" - she had a nice body "but her face...". Anyways, she was watching Kathy suck me. We were mostly under the covers. The top of sheet was still mostly on Kathy's head so you could not really see anything but it was obvious what was happening. Now that I knew I had an audience, I started to slide the sheet down off of Kathy slowly exposing myself to her roommate and giving a great view of Kathy's blowjob skills.

The roommate sat and sat cross legged in her bed so she could enjoy the show. She was in her tshirt and panties. I couldn't really see her too well because it was darkened in the room. The excitement of the roommate watching and Kathy's fantastic blowjob were too much for me. I held her head onto my cock and came so hard I couldn't help grunting. It was like I was forcing my cum out and into Kathy's mouth. That was the first time I ever came in anyone's mouth! She was taken by surprise and pulled her head back. About half of my load was in her mouth and the rest was on her face and chin. She sat up with a grin like cat who ate the canary and I just laid there catching my breath. When she sat up she saw her roommate sitting and watching.

In those dorm rooms, there were no secrets. i am sure they had seen each other naked many times. While she was surprised that her roommate was watching she didn't really cover up. My cock was slowly going down after my orgasm. I said something like "sorry to wake you" or words to that effect. She said "Don't worry, at least I enjoyed the show" or something like that. So in the spur of moment, I just said " you could always join in". SO SHE DID.

She came over to our bed and sat down on the side of the bed. She reached out and started to fondle my half-erect cock. Meanwhile Kathy was wiping her face off and licking her fingers clean.The roommate was trying to stroke my cock but I was too sensitive for that at the time. She started swirling her fingers in the drops of cum left on my stomach. i slid my hand under her tshirt and found a nice small perky breast with big puffy nipples. My other hand was on Kathy's leg rubbing her inner thighs.

I sat up and pulled the roommates tshirt over her head. I then laid her down between Kathy and I. I kissed around her chest and nibbled on her nipples. Where Kathy's were like pencil erasers, hers were more like the small marshmallows you would put in cocoa. I said something about how large and puffy they were and she just moaned and pulled my mouth tighter onto them. Kathy slowly reached out and touched her other breast. The roommate jumped when she did but she settled in and let her explore her body.

I kissed my way down her stomach and pulled her panties down and off. Now the three of us were naked on the bed together. That was a first for me. I don't know if they had ever played with each other before but I wasn't going to stop and ask. I don't think I thought about it then but the different types of female bodies is just amazing to look at. Each is appealing in its own way. Where Kathy's pussy lips were full and puffy, her roommates were small and "thin". They could not have been more opposite. However, she did have a fairly prominent clit. I put my mouth over it right away and sucked it a bit like I was giving her the female version of blowjob.

This was too much too soon for her and she pushed my mouth off her clit. I opened her pussy lips and ran my tongue up and down her slit. I slid a finger into her and slowly pumped it in and out while licking around her pussy. From my vantage point, I could look up and see Kathy playing with the roommates boobs and running her other hand through her hair. The roommate just laid there and let us have her way with her. She was squeezing her other breast with her right hand. With her left she was rubbing Kathy's back. I don't know if she pulled her in or if Kathy leaned over, but slowly their lips met and they were having the slowest hottest kiss I have ever seen. Thinking back on it, maybe this was not their first time together.

As they were kissing and fondling, I was still licking and fingering her pussy. I could feel her pussy starting to clinch on my finger. She broke the kiss with Kathy and her breaths were coming in little gasps. When she finally came, her whole body went tense and straight. Her pussy spasmed so hard on my finger that I could feel her clit pulsing in my mouth. Slowly she relaxed and laid there spent.

All of this had me hard again. I stood up beside the bed. I leaned over with my hands on the wall and laid my cock on the roommates mouth and she opened her mouth and started sucking. This was not the most comfortable position so I stood up. They sat up on the bed and proceeded to take turns sucking me and stroking me. One would suck on the tip of my cock while the other stroked it. Or one would suck me while the other fondled my balls and rubbed my ass. I could only take this for so long and eventually came on the roommates chest.

It was Kathy's turn again. She leaned with her back on the wall and her legs spread open. Her roommate knelt between them and was licking her like her life depended on it. I was kissing Kathy and sucking her breasts. The roommates hands were also wandering around Kathy's body. I would put my hand on hers and we would both squeeze and rub the same breast. It was really cool to have my hand on hers and make her squeeze Kathy's breast. There was just something about that.

I then knelt behind her roommate and started licking her from behind. I slipped a couple fingers in and down rubbing on the front of her pussy. This left her cute little pucker open for me. I slowly licked and tongued it. She moaned into Kathy's pussy so I took that as approval. I started to slide a finger in from my other hand. I kept having to lick it more and push more but I worked my finger all the way into her ass. I couldn't get the rhythm with both hands so I just held my finger in her ass and fucked her pussy with a couple fingers from my other hand. She was so wet you could hear my hand squishing into her. About that time, Kathy had a nice orgasm (is there really a bad one?). That must have been it for her roommate. She came hard on my fingers too. Her ass squeezed me so tight, it almost hurt.

We all basically collapsed on the bed and slept until the next morning.



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