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My Time on the Bus to School

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First off I'd like to state I'm a freshmen in HS.
Since the beginning of the school year while on the bus to school I would always see these two pretty girls that have to of been in 7th or 8th grade. On some days I would get boners on the bus just thinking of there tits (which are fairly big for there age) and pussys. They both go to the same school and I'm pretty sure there good friends since they always sit next to each other. One day I got horny because as I was passing them the one went and reached down to get a paper that fell out of her folder (she was doing homework) and I saw her cleavage and I just got horny just thinking about her tits again. On this day no one else but me, the two, and the bus driver were on the bus. (A rare thing) So felling aroused I sat right in back of there seat.
As the bus driver started to drive I unzipped my pants quietly and pulled my dick over my boxers and began to jerkoff. As I started the one not doing homework looked back because she could hear the sounds of me jerking off. As she turned around I sorta hinted about it and she looked down and saw my limp red dick. At that point she smiled and when the bus stopped (A red light) she told her friend she'd be back and when the other girl asked where she was going she just pointed back to me, at that point the 2nd girl just looked at me in shock for a second, smiled and went back to work. The 1st girl now sat next to me and whispered 'Can I join the fun?' and I responded 'But of course!' At that point she gripped my cock and began to quickly jerk me off back and forth until after a minute I couldn't hold it and came all over my chest (I quickly pulled up my shirt to catch it.)The girl then when the bus turned to make a left went down and sucked my dick to taste my cum until the bus made a complete turn and stopped.(But as she did I grabbed her right tit.) It felt so good I shot 2 more loads in her mouth. As she came up someone got on the bus and I covered my dick with my bookbag until he sat down in a seat right in the front of the bus..which made my next task easy. Since the guy was in the front of the bus and I had tissues (because I was starting to sneeze a lot in classes due to allergies) in my bookbag I went and used the tissues to clean up my dick and chest (the girl doing the homework was in front of me, and used as a good shield.) When I got done and put my dick away the girl grabbed it and said 'We should do this again.' and went back to her seat. When I finally arrived at the stop I got off,and the next day she gave me her number. And I found out her name's Allison..the bad thing is she lives kinda far and its near the end of school. But sometimes she and I will sit with each other and repeat what has happened. I always bring tissues now..at least 'till the end of the school year.



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