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My Teenage Nephew

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These are true stories, and would like to know if other aunts have felt this way or saw this behaviour towards themselves...


I'm Natalie, a 49 year old blonde mother of two. My one son Derek was very close with my nephew Cody when the two of them were going through their teenage years. They always enjoyed hanging out together, and I didn't mind because I have been in and out of relationships my whole life so having these two around occupied most of my time. Cody was a tall blonde hair, blue eyes good looking kid. As he got older I noticed him more and more handsome everyday, but I'll get into that a little later.

So Cody was over one weekend hanging out with Derek at the house, He was 15 at the time. It was getting just before bed time so I went and drew myself a bath, I undressed and got into the bath. As I finished I was drying myself off when I noticed through the crack of the door my nephew Cody spying on me. I was shocked at first wondering how long he was watching me for and what he saw, I imagine he saw everything...his aunt fully naked. So I finished what I was doing while knowing he was still watching, not quite sure how to approach the situation. After that I went to my bedroom and layed in bed wondering what or if I should say something but the more I thought about it the more it turned me on....I know it sounds wrong but just the thought of my handsome young nephew spying on me a mid 40s lady got me horny. I still to this day have never mentioned anything to him about me seeing him.

I noticed everyday from then my nephew would always stare at my body and I would catch him looking at me and he'd act like he wasn't looking or blush. It was kind of cute and of course a turn on to me because I haven't had a man in my life for a while. It made me feel sexy because I knew it probably turned him on too.

Cody was now 18. He was at the house helping me do some outdoor house work while Derek was inside playing video games. I was wearing a low cut shirt with some shorts on. We were picking up leaves and all the other crap on the lawn. I was kneeling down holding the garbage bag for him to put the leaves in and my cleavage was showing. I noticed him taking peeks at my breast as he carried on with our work. He was wearing a t-shirt with some baggy shorts on and I noticed what a bulge in his shorts. He totally had an erection from looking at me and my body. I had never seen his penis before and this made me wonder how big he was because the bulge was a very decent size. But I thought to myself no thats your nephew its wrong to think like that about him. So we finished up our work and went inside. Cody said he had a headache so he went and layed down. 15 minutes later I went to check on him. I walked in and and he was laying on the bed with his eyes closed. I asked him how he was feeling and he said a little better. As I got closer I noticed that his shorts had risen up his left leg and that the tip of his penis was showing. I didn't know how to react so I just stared at it, I couldn't take my eyes off it and his eyes were closed so he didn't notice what was going on. I turned and left the room after telling him supper was in 30 minutes and closed the door. As I left I felt a little flushed and turned on, it was only the tip of his penis but it really made me wonder what the whole thing looked liked.

I prepared supper, and called the boys down, as I saw Cody enter the room, the only thing I could think of was his penis. It felt like I was going crazy over my nephew. After supper Derek had to go down to the mall for something, he asked Cody if he wanted to come but he said he wanted to have a shower and relax. Derek left and Cody said that he was going to shower, I threw him a towel and off he went. I heard the shower turn on and thought of him naked and wanted to just barge into the bathroom and check him out. But I decided not to of course because that would just be insane. I heard the shower turn off and shortly after Cody walked out to the kitchen in nothing but a towel and a pair of socks in his hand. He went over and sat down on the stairs and mentioned to me he felt better after his shower. I thought as he sat on the stairs in only a towel that this was my chance to see it. So I went over and stood right in front of him and started talking to him about anything I could think of. He was talking back but doing a good job of keeping his legs closed while we talked. We continued talking and he began putting on his socks, as he did that his legs came open and I could see glimpses of his penis and ball sack. It definitley turned me on and it looked like he was semi erect...from what I could see anyway.

After that I continued seeing his penis here and there....it was almost like he was showing me on purpose now....like he liked me looking at it or seeing it. I would always go in to wake the boys up for school and Cody slept in only his boxers, most times I would enter the room I would see his penis just poking out a little from his boxers and he did little to cover it up. When he was 19 he moved away from town for two years and I was sad to see him go, as I enjoyed the sight of him and his penis everytime I saw it.

He recently just moved back and we took a trip down to go see Derek as he moved out of town too. We rented a hotel room and Derek slept on the cot while I took one bed and Cody took the other. He is now 21 and looks much more like a handsome man rather than a boy. I went to bed wondering if he had got any bigger down there or if I would ever see the whole thing where I could just look and stare. In the morning I woke up around eight and the guys were still sleeping. I got up and went to the bathroom and came out to the surprise that Cody's blankets were off him still sleeping and his penis was fully exposed from his boxers. He was laying on his back and his penis was standing straight up rock hard. He had to be at least eight inches fully erect. I was so happy and turned on that this was my chance to get the full on look I had been waiting for. I just sat there and watched t.v constantly staring over at him and his erection. I wanted to go over there and touch it or do something with it, but Derek was in the room so there was no way that could happen. I just sat there and enjoyed the sight for a good two hours and then they woke up and we left.

I considered mentioning to my nephew or making some sort of comment to him that I know he's seen me naked and I've seen him too. But I don't know how to approach it or how he would respond. I think about him all the time and want to have sex with him sometime. I hope you enjoyed my story and if you have had a similar situation let me know...or give me some advice in how to seduce him into having sex with me properly. Thanks



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