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My Teen Cronicles Ep. 1 My First Time

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Hey, this is my first instalment of my stories on masturbating in my teen years, I hope to summit a story a week until i'm all out of stories.


My story take places when I was 13 and it happened at summer camp. My cabin mates and I were in our bunks going to sleep when John, who is one of three people in my cabin including me, asked me if I masturbated, I said no, not thinking much about it. Soon after me asked me if I wanted to learn, curious I agreed. I was on the top bunk, so I jumped down to the floor to learn how to 'masturbate'. John turned on the small overhead light and said he would show me how to masturbate by having Adam, my second cabin mate, masturbate him. Adam agreed, and I was interested in what was going to happen as I only had a very vague view of what masturbation was.

Adam moved over to John's bunk and to my slight shock, John took off his boxers showing myself and Adam his circumcised penis, it was about 4 inches long and limp. Adam took hold of it, to my astonishment, and started to rub it. John's penis slowing started to grow in size and got hard and started to stand up. This had happened to me a few times but I never knew why. John's penis was now fully erect and almost 6 inches long. Adam now started to rub John's penis up and down speeding up each time. After about a minute Adam was rubbing quite fast and John was starting to make moaning noises. During this time I could feel my own penis getting hard under my boxers. Another 30 seconds went by and a liquid started to come out of John's penis. I later found out this was know as pre-cum. Then suddenly John started to move his hips and spurts of a white liquid started to shoot out of him penis, some shots landing all the way on Adam's bed. Adam removed his hand from John's penis and said to me, 'And that is how you masturbate.'

John now looked at me and told me it was my turn. He pushed me on his bed and took off my boxers, my penis was already hard from watching what had just happened. It was about 5 inches long, John took hold of it and started to rub it just like Adam did to him. It felt really nice and I was glad John was doing it. I now noticed Adam starting to rub his own penis on his bed. I quickly turned my attention back to my own penis, which was getting rubbed a lot faster by John at this point. Soon the same liquid that dripped out of John's penis was dripping from mine. And almost right after that I felt a very strong feeling in my crotch and hip area, but it was a great feeling, I loved it. Just like John before me white liquid started shooting from my penis. One spurt actually hit Adam, who was masturbating on his bed. Then John removed his hand from my penis as I said 'Wow, that was amazinng.' Adam was now also reaching his climax and decided it would be fun to return the favour of me cumming on him, so he shot a couple spurts onto me.

Soon after Adam finished shooting, we cleaned up all the cum we had shot everywhere and climbed back into our beds and as we were going to bed I said 'Thanks guys.', and John said back to me 'It was our pleasure Mark.'



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