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My Teachers

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One of your stories reminded me about an amusing, and now that I think about it, cruel joke that my friends and I played on some of the male teachers in my school.
First let me explain that my earliest recollection of sex was me touching myself from outside my underwear when I was 6. Nothing really happened until I was about nine when I accidentally caught my 11 year old brother and 15 year old cousin masturbating together in his room. They let me watch if I would also let them see my pussy, so I got a good lesson in how boys jacked off and squirted semen. I remember the first time sitting opposite them with nothing on down below with my legs spread and my older cousin moving his hand up and down furiously as he stared at my pussy. I told a few of my girlfriends at school and about a couple weeks later, got my brother and cousin to jack off for them while they showed them their pussies.
When I turned ten, that year at school, I had two male teachers. Up until this time, all my teachers were women, so this was quite different. One was my homeroom teacher, who was this younger guy I'm guessing in his mid-twenties and the other my math teacher who must have been around 40. This being the early 70's, the style of dresses at the time was this micro-mini look, so our hemlines were cut really short.
Just before going to school one day, I soiled my panties and couldn't find another one to wear because I was rushing out, so I made a last moment decision to go without that day. When I got to my homeroom class, I had forgotten about not having panties on and I guess I must have had my legs open a little. We were all working on something when I looked up and noticed my homeroom teacher staring at my crotch. My guess was he couldn't believe what he was seeing and was trying to get a better look. He then looked up and saw me looking and knew I had caught him and he turned red. I just smiled at him and opened my legs a little bit more, letting my skirt inch up more so he could get a better view. Up until the end of class, he would sneak peeks and I'm positive he got pretty excited being able to see my hairless pussy.
After school, I went home and rubbed myself thinking about what happened that day and it just excited me even more. I told my girlfriends (the ones who watched my brother and cousin jack off) about what happened and we all had a good laugh.
The next day I decided to not wear any panties at all to school. As I was sitting in my math class with my other male teacher, I was thinking about the previous day and started getting wet. Instinctively, I started to lightly touch myself. At first my math teacher didn't notice what I was doing, but then he sat down to grade some papers while we took a test and must have spotted me rubbing myself under the table with my legs spread. He had this classic look on his face and you had to be there because now when I think about it, it was funny as hell. He couldn't take his eyes off me and started getting really nervous and started sweating. I can only imagine his cock must have been busting to get out of his pants because when class was over, he made a beeline for the teacher's bathroom.
From that point on until the end of the school year, my three girlfriends and I would sit up in the front of the class and put on a show for these two teachers. I think my math teacher was the best because he was the fortunate one (or unfortunate one) to have all four of us in the same class at the same time. You can just imagine having four hairless pussies staring at you. He spent a lot of time at his desk!
Between 11 and 12, I only had one male teacher, but I put on a show for him too. The next year, I didn't have any male teachers and I started my period, so I had to start wearing pads, so I pretty much stopped. Though I did it once more when I was a junior in high school and once in awhile when I attended college, my best memories are was during that first year. I got together with my former girlfriends last year and we laughed so hard that we were rolling on the ground in tears. I can only guess that my homeroom and math teachers must have been masturbating themselves under their desk while we were flashing them and I hope it gave them years and years of pleasure.



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