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My Sweet, Sweet Brother-in-law

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Many years ago when I was much younger I began having a special relationship with my twin sister's husband. I was married as was my sister and we both had two small children. I was very frustrated at the time with my husband. The reason was that he refused to do oral sex on me. Sure, he wanted me to suck his dick every night but he was unwilling to go down on me. And sex with him was not the best in the world. All I was getting was a quick pounding with him cumming and leaving me high and dry.

I was visiting my sister and her husband during that time and I can't remember where my sister was but she had to go somewhere, I think to a meeting. Anyway, I was talking with my brother in law and all of a sudden I just lost it and started crying. I didn't plan to say anything to him or my sister but before I knew it I had told him everything.

When I finished he walked over to me and wiped the tears from my eyes and kissed me on the cheek. He was so sweet about everything. I really think that if he had suggested that he eat my pussy I would have let him right there on the spot, but he didn't.

He did tell me that he has always wondered what it would be like to make love to me. I read lots of stories here about men having the hots for their wife's sister and I guess a twin sister is no exception.

My brother in law suggested that I tell my husband flat out that I was no longer going to do oral on him unless he was willing to do it on me. Let me say that my husband has since had a change of heart. I quit doing it to him and he finally gave in and tried it and he liked it.

Never-the-less I have always had a soft spot in my heart for my brother-in-law. Several years later after our children were grown and moved out my brother in law made a pass at me. I didn't have the guts to let him fuck me but I also didn't have the heart to totally turn him down. We ended up masturbting each other.

He started kissing me and then his hands went to my crotch. I let him play with my pussy through my panties until I was so hot and wet that I had to have some relief. I told him that I would let him get me off but he had to promise that he would not have sex with me. He promised.

We stipped totally naked and lay on the bed. He sucked my tits and this made me even hotter. His dick was hard and leaking precum. Finally he got between my legs and put one then two fingers inside my pussy as far as he could get them. He started massaging my clit and at the same time teasing my asshole with his fingers. I don't know if it was the fact that I was doing something with him or what but I came harder that day than I had ever cum. In fact I came so hard I squirted on him. I was embarrassed but he assured me it was OK because he liked women to do that.

After he made me cum four times I started playing with his dick. He is uncut like my husband and just slightly larger than my husband. I really was having a ball jacking him off and when he came I aimed his dick toward my tits and he shot off all over them.

I felt guilty for a while especially every time I saw my twin sister but I finally got over it. We still play around with each other today, even at our age. Sometimes he will hug and kiss me and just feel of my tits or play with my pussy a little. It might not go any farther than that. Sometimes I will grab his crotch and rub his dick through his pants until he starts getting hard. The thing that I enjoy most is watching him jack off for me. My husband swears he had never masturbated and of course he will not jack off for me. I think he is lying but he has that bullshit macho attitude that he never had to jack off because women always wanted him.

I had never spread my pussy lips and played with my pussy in front of anyone until I did it while my brother in law watching me. He said he enjoyed watching me do it and I know I enjoyed doing it for him.

Yesterday while my husband was playing golf my brother in law stopped by. He suggested that we masterbate so we did. I slipped my panties and pants off and he pulled his pants and underwear down but did not take them off. We sat in chairs opposite each other and I played with my pussy as I watched him play with his dick. We tried timing it so we would cum at the same time and we did. When my orgasm started that pushed him over the edge and he came. At my age my pussy does not lubricate like it did when I was younger and he doesn't shoot cum half way across the room like he used to. A little will dribble out of the end of his dick but that's it. But it still feels good for the both of us.

I have never had intercourse with my brother in law but I will admit that we have done oral a few times. By not having intercourse I don't feel as guilty about doing what I do with my twin sister's husband. Believe me I have thought about it. Am I crazy for not going all the way with him? Is what I am doing wrong? I would love to hear from your readers as to what they think.

When I was younger I never thought about women my age having sex. I just assumed that they stopped by this age but I still enjoy it and it seems so natural to do it.



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