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My Sweet and Lovely Niece, Susan

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I was thinking of calling my niece Susan, I haven't seen her since she got married two years ago. I've talked to her at times and seen her but haven't been to her house.

Since she got married I've thought of her every morning, and of our pass together, masturbating under the covers.

For years Susan and I enjoyed each other. It started one day as she came in the family room as I was watching a football game at my sister's house. She was looking for a book on the book shelf, she smiled at me and glanced down at my shorts as she walked by. She stood looking it over and I got excited looking at her legs. It must have been her looking down at my shorts, thinking the worse of it or whatever. She turned and caught me looking at her legs, I looked up at her surprised and she smiled and turned back to resume her scan. She knelt down on her left knee giving me a great view of her right thigh, she was wearing short baggy shorts. My cock was hard and pushing on my shorts to get out. Susan turned looking at my crotch first and then looked up at me smiling. I couldn't help myself and smiled at her and then down to her thigh.

She picked a book and went back out towards the kitchen. She sat on a stool at the counter crossing her left leg not seven feet from the doorway. The tv was four feet from the door frame, giving me a great view of her.

Susan sat at a slight angle towards me and as she read she'd glance at me. I was excited and reached down slowly pulling back the left cuff of my shorts. The head of my cock was exposed plus a few inches when she looked at him. I'm sure her peripheral vision watched me pulling back my cuff. Susan looked for a few seconds smiling and went back to her book. I pulled my cuff all the way back and tucked it. As she read she smiled and then I got too excited and reached down and started stroking him. Susan layed the book on the counter and stared and me jacking off looking at her legs and her eyes watching me, I was so turned on.

Susan and I enjoyed that for the next quarter hour or more. During that period she would bring her left foot up to her right knee several times giving me a great view of her legs as we watched each other. The excitment level was high for me.

After that time period Susan got off her stool and walked back in the family room to put the book back on the shelf watching me stroking my cock smiling. I'd look at her face and down to her legs as we smiled at each other.

Susan blew me a kiss as she turned to go towards the living room the left of the kitchen taking one last look at me stroking my cock.

I was excited but knew better than to sit there stroking my cock, I pulled my cuff back out and cooled down so he could be covered.

My brother in law joined me after awhile and a few minutes later Susan walked in and sat between us asking me what's up, smiling. I told her that the whiners were losing, we both liked that except for my brother in law.

That evening after dinner I went outside to get some fresh air. I walked out ten feet and looked back through the slider and saw Susan sitting where I was earlier, she glanced at me and crossed her left leg. The dining room light was on putting some light on me through the vertical blinds. I took a few steps back, getting excited, and pulled my shorts and underwear down to my knees and started stroking my cock.

Susan took many glances at me and after fifteen minutes I moved up closer towards her bathing myself in the light and couldn't hold back any more and came on the bushes as she watched.

I went back in and turned and went to the bathroom to rinse myself and returned to the family room to join everybody.

'How was it out there uncle?'.

'It was nice sweetheart, still a little warm'.

Since that day, and for the next five or six years we enjoyed ourselves. At times I'd come up behind her kissing her neck and arms when I'd catch her alone. She would come into any room when I was alone kissing me and then turn around to let me feel and kiss her butt and legs. At times she'd sit on the sofa armrest next to me and I'd feel and kiss her legs, and a few minutes later she'd raise an eyebrow looking down at my hard cock and I'd pull him out and stroke him for her enjoyment.

One time she came into the room wearing a long skirt and stood in front of me, I got on my knees and reached under her skirt feeling and kissing up her legs. For years I never tried kissing her pussy, but this time I did and Susan didn't object. I kissed and licked her pussy over her panties a few minutes. After that many times we'd sit next to each other and she'd let me feel her legs and let me rub her pussy as I stroked my cock.

My next visit after the day I kissed and licked her pussy she came and sat next to me, and as usual I felt her legs and pussy as I stroked my cock, but for the first time she reach over and felt my cock. We looked amd smiled at each other and I could see the excitment in her eyes. She got on her knees, switching hands, and we kissed and felt each other for a few mintues.

We would do all those acts of pleasure in every room of the house. We'd do it in the yard too and in my truck when I'd take her to the supermarket or the video store.

Rarely, but some times, we'd be alone in the house. The first time I stripped down to my t-shirt and she felt my legs, butt and cock as I stood in front of her as she sat on the couch in the living room, until someone drove up the driveway.

The next time she layed back on the couch and let me kiss and feel her naked body. Most of the time I would find a way to show Susan my cock as I stroked him.

Susan is my favorite niece. I love her dearly.

She started dating this guy and married him a few years later. I was happy for her.

So I called her number and Susan answered the phone. After a few minutes she told me she wasn't very happy and wanted me to start visiting them. A few days later I did and actually got along with her husband and started visiting more often, like almost every weekend.

That first day Susan answered the door and gave me a long wet kiss when I stepped in the house. Her husband was in the backyard she told me. We kissed a little more and I told her how much I missed her, feeling her butt. Susan smiled and kissed me again and I felt her hand on my hard cock. Since that day for the next twenty years to this day I've exposed myself to her jacking off whenever I could. When we are alone for minutes at a time or when she visits me I'd feel and kiss every square inch of her body.

Susan wears shorts and skirts when I'm around to ensure I get excited, which really isn't necessary since I'm excited anticipating her body.

I've never got married and why should I when I have a sweet and lovely niece like Susan.



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