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My Stepsister Kellie

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True Story. It is long but I did not want to leave out anything about a most fantastic experience.


My Mother and Stepfather married when Kellie and I were ten years old. From the start, we hit it off and in no time at all were as close as if we had been raised together from birth. People thought we were biological brother and sister because we looked soo much alike. At ten, we were both rather lanky and tall for our age. We both had blonde hair and blue eyes and our facial features caused no one to doubt that we had the same parents.

As the years went by, Kellie and I stayed close. However, when we turned thirteen, we began to notice that our relationship was changing because our bodies were changing. I began to notice her breasts were starting to develop and she was beginning to get curves that made my heart beat a litle faster just looking at her. I think she began to notice that my shoulders were getting broader and my body was changing also. We no longer slept together at night and she did not come get in my bed when she had a bad dream or it was thundering.

When we were seventeen, our parents left us alone for the weekend to visit my Mother's cousin. It was a hot June night and I was lying in my bed thinking about Kellie and what had happened that afternoon. We were playing basketball in the driveway as we had done for years. Only this time when she tried to take the ball from me, I touched her breasts as I was trying to get a hold on the ball. I jumped back and started to say 'I am sorry Kellie', but when I looked at her I could see that her nipples were hard and she had a very peculiar smile on her face. I tried to look away and then stammered something about having to go inside for something and we should stop.

Playing that scene over in my mind as I lay in bed that night, I thought about how beautiful she looked in her shorts and T-shirt and how long and smooth her tanned legs were. I began to imagine her without her T-shirt on and her long blond hair on her bare breasts. I thought about her nipples and my cock began to stiffen. The more I thought about it the more restless I became and I jumped up and took off my pyjamas, threw the sheet back and layed down on my back with my cock pointing straight up.

I began to run my hand up and down on my cock while imagining it was Kellie's hand. As I felt myself starting to cum, I slowed down a bit wanting this fantasy and the feeling in my cock to go on forever. Once I thought I was going to cum as precum dripped from my throbbing cock, but I managed to stop from ejaculating.

I was so lost in my fantasy that I did not notice Kellie come into my room and stand at the foot of my bed watching me stroke my cock. It was only when I heard her say, 'Oh . . Tommy' that I realized she was watching me. I jumped up and tried to cover myself with the sheet, but she grabbed the sheet from me and said, 'Please don't stop. I have heard my girlfriends tell me about how their boyfriends get off and I always wondered if you got off and how you looked. I want to see you cum. Please Tommy, cum for me. I want to see. Please I love you and want to watch you do it'.

Kellie gently made me lie back down, but the moment of surprise had made my once swollen and hard cock limp and smaller. Kellie noticed that my penis was not as it was before and said, 'I am sorry Tommy that I made you lose your hard on. . . maybe this will help. She then slipped out of her pyjamas and stood next to me. Her 38 D breasts were so gorgeous and her nipples were erect. I had never seen a woman naked before and my cock immediately became rigid again.

Kellie smiled and said, 'stroke yourself Tommy' I began to stroke my hard cock with one hand while rubbing its head with the other. I moaned and writhed on the bed calling out Kellie's name.

'Are you thinking of me Tommy? Are you imagining that I am going up and down on your dick? I want to Tommy. Will you let me ... Please?'

Kellie straddled me and began to run her fingers over my cock which was now dripping with precum. She took some of the precum on her fingers and began to lubricate my pulsating cock with my own cum. She gently flicked her fingers up and down and all over the shaft of my cock. The feeling of an intense pleasure I had never known before when I masturbated began to flow from my cock to my whole body.

Kellie felt my cock start to stiffen as it prepared to squirt the load that she had created by rubbing the underside of my balls as she worked her finger magic on my cock. 'I want you to cum on my tits', she whispered. 'Cum for me Tommy. Shoot your load on my hard nipples. You make them so hard Tommy just watching you and your hard cock. Cum for me Tommy . . Cum for me Please?' With that she squeezed my dick and I let go. My cum shot all over her tits and tummy and I thought I would never stop cumming. I shot at least eight or nine big squirts of cum.

She smiled and cleaned the cum from her tits with her hand and then said, 'I want you to make me cum Tommy'.

I will tell you about that if anyone would like to hear about it.



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