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My Stepsister

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I was 14, and it was a very tough year for me. My parents had divorced the year before, and my father had just married the slut that he cheated with on my Mom. I had just entered high school, in the throes of puberty, a gangly kid that when I wasn't thinking about how miserable my life was, I was thinking about girls and jerking off. After the divorce, I didn't have to go to my fathers every other weekend, because of some morality clause in their divorce, as he was living with the bimbo. But once he got married, I had to go.

The first weekend I was a total asshole, hoping it would get me out of having to go, but it didn't work. The second time I went, is when it happened.

I was in the shower jerking off. My eyes were closed as I pumped away. Like most young teens, my average session was very quick. As I felt the orgasm approaching, I opened my eyes to catch the cum in my cupped hand. When I opened my eyes, I saw Amanda, the bimbo's 15 year old daughter staring at me through the shower door. I spun around facing away from her in shock and fear. Amanda told me I was disgusting, and left. My heart was beating a mile a minute, my dick deflated, and I was trembling. The bathroom was between my room and Amanda's room, and it had two doors leading to each room. I had forgotten to lock the door to Amanda's room, and that's how I got busted.

I got dressed and hid out in my room. I was too embarrassed to face Amanda, and deathly afraid she was going to rat me out, so I just laid on the bed and played out all the worst case scenarios that would go down. When finally forced to emerge into public (lunch), Amanda just stared at me with a smirk on her face. I managed to avoid her the rest of the day. That night Dad and the Bimbo went out, and I stayed in my room.

Not long after they left, Amanda came in, same smirk, she sarcastically stated she was relieved that I wasn't playing with myself, and then called me a pervert. I ignored her, then she said let me see it. I told her to fuck off, and she said looking me in the eye, and said show it to me, or I'll tell your Dad and my Mom what a pervert you are, and how you leave your disgusting semen in my bathtub. I wanted to die, but I unzipped my pants and pulled them and my boxers down, revealing my soft dick and balls to her. She stared at me, and said make it hard. I started playing with myself, but I was so nervous and humiliated, nothing responded, and I told her I couldn't. I pulled my hand back, when she quickly reached down and gave a hard flick forefinger onto the side of the head of my dick. My dick flopped over to the other side of my nutsack, and I yelped because it hurt. She moved her palm over it and started rubbing me, and squeezing it, and my nuts.

She commented that it was a lot softer than she thought it be, and I started to quickly get an erection as she rubbed me. Within seconds I was hard, and she took her hand back, and said now do it, I want to see how your semen comes out. I slowly started to jerkoff, while she stared at my dick. Amanda's face was inches away from my dick as I tugged, I quickly felt my impending orgasm, and pulled my shirt up to my neck. When I started to come Amanda pulled back and said wow. When it was over, she commented about how my nuts had disappeared, and then poked my scrotum with her finger. As I laid there gasping, she touched the tip of my dick where a drop remained, and I told her don't it was too sensitive. Then she put her finger into a puddle on my stomach, commented what a mess I made, then on how warm and sticky it was. While it was probably the best orgasm ever, I immediately felt guilt and shame, and asked her to get me a box of tissues. I wiped myself from my nipples to my crotch, probably the biggest load I had ever shot. I pulled my pants up, and we didn't talk about it again.

I jerked off constantly the next two weeks reliving that night, yet every time I came, the guilt and disgust would flood my thoughts. The next Friday night, I was both scared and excited. Dad and the slut left to go out, and within minutes, Amanda turned to me in the family room, and told me to do it again. I said no. She sat down next to me and started to rub me through my jeans. When I quickly hardened, she unzipped me pulled it out, and started to stroke it. When she stopped, I reached down, put it back and zipped up. She quickly pulled it out again and resumed stroking. Shortly I felt the orgasm coming, and pulled my shirt up, and spurted onto my stomach. She got the tissues, but this time she cleaned me up.

On Saturday, she had a friend of hers stay over, and I was bummed that we wouldn't have a repeat. They were in her room, and I was watching TV, when they came into the family room, and Amanda bluntly said that Amy wanted to watch me do it. I said no. Amy pleaded with me, and said she had never seen a hard one, and please please show her. I looked at them and said only if they showed me their tits. They whispered to each other, then quickly flashed me by pulling up their t shirts and bras, then dropping their shirts back down. I was thrilled, but told them they had to keep their tits out as long as my dick was out.

Amy without hesitation peeled off her t shirt and unclasped her bra, and the most perfect beautiful indescribable set of breasts and nipples were staring at me. She looked over at Amanda and demanded she abide, and she did. Amanda's breasts were smaller, but her nipples were much larger, and much darker than Amy's pink ones. I slid down my pants, and showed Amy my raging boner. They watched me as I stared at their tits. I came very quickly, and Amy reacted much like Amanda had that first night. Amanda got me the tissues, and we all covered up.

A half hour later or so, Amy asked me if I could do it again. I said yes, but she needed to take her shirt off again. We went for round two, and Amy sat on one side of me and Amanda on the other. Amy asked if she could touch it, and said only if I could touch her breast. So she grabbed me, and I felt my first tit. Amanda reached over and grabbed my dick as well, an I touched her tit. I was in heaven, feeling their tits, and getting jerked off, and quickly came again. Some of my cum got on Amy's hand which sort of freaked her out, and she wiped it on my stomach, then left and washed her hands.

That night I laid in bed and rubbed out two more orgasms thinking about getting jerked off, and touching tits.

Sadly, it never happened again. I begged Amanda to do it to me, and she refused. My Dad and the slut divorced after only two years, so I haven't seen her since.



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