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My Stepbrother Taught Me

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When I was ten, my mother started dating the man who would become my step-father two years later.
This man had another boy four years younger than me, but we'd would see him (except on summer time and some other holidays)because he was an intern of a special school: my step-brother has a very high IQ, and my step-father did want it to be well taken care of. He would see him every other weekend at the school, however I only remember seeing him whenever he'd come home.
My step-father and my step-brother are very friendly and made it easy for my mother and me to get into their world. Although I was very little, my biological father was abusive for the two of us and my mother was smart enough to ask for a divorce when the chance aroused. The cool thing about having a "nerd" in the family is the he would help me (in his possibilities; as I have mentioned he was mostly away) with my Maths, my particular Achilles heel. I would always respect him and his privacy, as much as he would respect mine. Actually I was very proud of him (not that we didn't have any problems, just the usuals I guess), and still love and appreciate him. He helped me a lot...
Even in my sexual life...
This happened the summer I was 14 (so he was 10), as you can imagine I already wanked by then. About a week after he had arrived from his school, my father asked me to tell him to come down for dinner, so I rushed to his bedroom, and, without knocking on his closed door, I entered and told him so. He was naked, because he had just taken a shower, and the size of his flacid uncut penis really surprised me: it was like mine!. He told me "be right down", yet I couldn't help keep staring at his privates. He repeated what he had said louder, and that made me react. I said "sorry", and closed the door.
Up to that moment, and even when I already had had jerking experiences in group, I only thought of women's genitals. But it was as if I somehow needed to see my step-brother's dick (probably just to make sure it was the size I had thought it was).
After some tries, the occassion presented itself one month later: my parents were to celebrate their anniversary, and I was to take care of the house. They would come late at night, so they left some money so we can order a pizza. That was what we did after my bro practiced his piano, and when it arrived and we were ready to eat it, my mind was trying to find a way to make him talk about sex, because, even though his IQ was high, he still was a child. I even felt a bit of a freak sometimes for having this thought...
I then asked him, as he was taking the first bite out of his slice: "Mmmm, do you share your rooms with girls in your school?", he shook his head, and replied something like: "No, we only share classes. There's a boys building and a girls building.". I then insisted: "But there must be some girl you like at school". "What do you mean?", he said, so I then asked him if he had "boner" when he saw a girl he particularly liked, or something... He said, "oh, so you want to talk about sex?", that surprised me...
What followed was his admitting jacking off, but only on his own. I then told him that sometimes me and my friends would get together and have contests, like who would shoot the furthest, the most, the soonest... When he heard the last part, he said: "The soonest? That's dumb! You're suppossed to last a lot to keep your pleasure and to give your couple pleasure!".
That made me think. Here's this ten-year-old boy giving advice to his older brother about sex! (as with many other things). I was ashamed of my ignorance. He then offered to show me some of his techniques on delaying the orgasm. I, of course, agreed: after all I would get what I wanted, seeing his prick once again.
And for real, he had a winner over a nearly bold crotch: just like mine, only he was four years younger. It is true that I had the smallest measured willie of my group (only by 1/4 an inch, 'though). We masturbated together, and the little bud (by then) taught me during that summer how to delay my cum (he couldn't squirt nothing but precum back then), and you wouldn't believe the pleasure I would receive and the shots I'd get from doing that!
From learning that, my marital life has a better sex life: I can give my wife all the pleasure she deserves and asks for, I'm always ready for that. I have always thought that by having a good sex life, your marriage improves in all senses. So far this has holds true in my case, as well as my brother's.



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