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My Step Sister and Me

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The first and best experience I've ever had


It was around summer time last year when me and my step-sister were left on our own on a hot summers day. My step-sister was about five foot six inches with long blond hair, a very beautiful face. Although she was a year younger than me (13) and had only just started developing breasts, I would still do any thing just to see her naked.

It was about 3o'clock and I was tired and quite hot so I decided to take a shower. I turned on the the shower but it takes around five minutes to warm up so I decided to sit on the toilet and get naked. all of a sudden there was a knock on the door (it was my step-sister)

'Can I use the bathroom please I'm bursting?'

'No I'm in here now your going to have to wait' I replied. She then stormed out the house to go next door to go to the toilet. I heard the door open and close and I knew it was my step-sister.

I was still sat there on the toilet naked and to my surprise I had a hard-on. Well me being me, I started to stroke it. My step sister knocked on the door again.

'Why are you taking so long in there? I want a wash so I can go out'

'I will be out in a minute go away!'

I began to think about her and closed my eyes. I became close to my orgasm and opened my eyes and looked at the door. All I could see was my step-sister's face peeping through the glass at the very top of the door and by then I knew that she had been there a while and my dad was going to kill me, so I grabbed a towel put it around me and ran out the door to explain to her.

'Look. its not what it looks like OK?' I looked down and all I could see was her hand down her pyjama bottoms moving ever so slightly.

She began to explain to me that she had just started masturbating, she had seen me doing it just then and she had heard her mum and my dad having sex once before. I tried to bribe her with money but she just was not having it. She then said

'If you do what I say for half an hour in my room I promise I'll never say anything.'

By now I knew that I was going to have to do all sorts of embarrassing things for the next half an hour but when I got to her room she just shut the door walked over to me and kissed me. She pushed me on the bed, got on top of me and we continued she smiled and said

'I can tell your hard, you feel massive against my pussy can I take care of it please?'

I just nodded and before I knew it my towel was on the floor and she was pumping away at my hard-on. She kept asking me for sex all the way through but I know if I did I wouldn't be able to forgive my self if she got pregnant. She continued pumping me, getting faster and faster. I asked her

'Have you done this before?' she replied that the kids in her class are just as excited as me and that at lunch times she will take a boy in her class to the toilet with her and give him a good seeing to. Moments later I began to cum all over her pajama top she was very pleased. She then told me if was my turn to return the favor, I could not believe what I was hearing. She undressed, got naked and lay on her bed and told me to begin. I began examining her swollen pussy and then began rubbing circles on her slit. She was screaming with pleasure and then grabbed my hand and almost forced it inside her. I began fingering her and she was begging me for sex but I just refused. She began climaxing and squirted all over my hand. I washed my hand and went back to her room. She told me to get in her bed and we just lay there kissing and every once in a while I would slip a finger into her.

This really was the best day of my life and there has been another experience which did involve my step-sisters friend as well but that's another story.



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