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My Step Brother

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14 then


It was great while it lasted. My mom remarried when I was 14. My step dad was and is really nice. A great guy for my mom, and he is very kind and nice to me. He is older than her and has an older son (he was 17 when our folks married and lived with us just for the summer before he went off to college). That was a summer I will never forget. I would like to think he won't either.

I was just getting into exploring my own body at the time. I just loved that I was blossoming. My breasts were small but very nice and my pussy was growing a fine covering of blonde hair. I loved looking at myself in the mirror (still do) everytime I had the opportunity. That summer John lived with us, he had the smaller third bedroom which shared the bathroom with my larger bedroom. Many times that summer I had the opportunity available to me that he was in his room while I was in mine. I had a wonderful old stand alone mirror that I could position as I pleased.

One day, quite by accident, as I was drying off from my shower I noticed in the mirror that I left the bathroom door open the slightest bit. The light was off as I was done in there, but didn't think to shut the door all the way as I was quite used to not sharing the bath with anyone. As I was drying myself I heard the other door open and John entered the bath. He put on the light and fan and I could hear him undo his pants and take a seat on the bowl. I covered myself with the towel, but for the briefest moment I felt myself flush at the thought of him in there and the door slightly open. I crept to a position so that I could see him reflected in the bathroom mirror. I didn't have to worry about being too quiet as my stereo was on, and pretty loud too. There was no doubt that I was in my room. What I saw was amazing...John's cock was big and hard. Evidently he entered the bathroom in that state as I could see him looking at a porn mag in one hand while he stroked his massive erection with the other. It was the first penis I had seen since my dad died when I was 7, and that was NEVER erect. I was transfixed...and stayed that way as I watched him continue jerking off until he came all over the pages of the magazine. It thrilled me that a picture of a naked woman could do that to a man. The experience of watching that got me so wet. I had just a little experience touching myself, but let me tell you I was never so wet as I was then, and after John left the bathroom, I shut my door and got under the covers and gave myself the best orgasm ever.

Here's where I got just so wicked naughty. For the rest of the summer I would leave the door just an inch open at all times. I also positioned my mirror so that anyone in the bathroom could see me laying on my bed. The thought of him watching me as I had watched him was intoxicating to a still developing 14-year-old. When I knew he was in his room, I would set the mirror up, then take a shower (I could hear him enter the bathroom after I shut the light and left)...then go through a ritual that began with dryng off, applying lotion, blow drying my hair and ended by laying on my bed and fingering myself to orgasm after wonderful orgasm. I would lay down, start by rubbing my nipples until they were hard and ultra sensitive. Ultimately one hand would end up tracing lightly all around my pussy lips while I continued playing with my nipples with the other. By the time I got to my engorged clit, it would take no more than a minute or two to come to an explosive orgasm.

I did this for him several times that summer. I was so sad that he had to go to school, and even more sad that he stayed there summers working and ultimatley moved into the college town after graduation. The occasional visits since were not enough of an opportunity to ever do my performances again. We have never spoken about what we did and saw. But I STILL get wet thinking about it.



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