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My Spanish Teacher

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My Spanish Teacher
Hello, my name is Kevin. I found this site by accident and after reading several personal experiences have decided to write on of my own.
My story is about my Spanish teacher Ms. Rebel. She is a very nice teacher who speaks Spanish pretty well. She is very skinny and has small boobs but she does have a tight as and a decent looking face. She is Mexican but is pretty light skinned with dirty blonde hair which are all in small brades which I really like. She isn't the hottest teacher but she is the only female teacher I got this year.
Well I am not a very good student yet my parents are very adamant that I get the best grades possible. I had a D in her class and so my parents talked to her about getting me a tutor. After I had tired out 2 students that tried to help me I began to give up yet Ms. Rebel then said that she would help me personally. My parents okay ed it, probably because our family has known her for a long time. So it was set. She would take me after school to her house, we would practice Spanish and maybe other classes for 2 hours and then she would drop me off at home.
The first couple days of tutoring were boring. First we would drive to her house. She would then usually go into her room for ten minute to change and freshen up and then we would practice Spanish. After a couple days I began to be really attracted to Ms. Rebel and decided to try to peak on her on why she takes 10 minutes to change. Thats when things got interesting.
Well the next day when she was changing I peeked under her door and saw an amazing site. She didn't use the whole 10 minutes to change but was lying on her bed completely nude masturbating fearcly. Her face was light up, her eyes wide open, mouth open and breathing hard. I looked at her boobs which her hard but small. Her nipples were the size of a nickel and her pussy was nice and shave. She fingered her self until she climaxed here she exhaled and got ready to tutor me.
I watched her do this for several days but after getting bored decided to play around with her. I saw that she needed to masturbate to let off steam I guess because if I would hamper her from changing her nipples would get hard and she would get real irritative even rubbing her vagina threw her pants but trying to hide it from me. So I decided to hamper her some more seeing what she would do. after bugging and nagging her until she almost exploded she suddenly yelled "I can't take it anymore" and dove her hand down her pants to masturbate. I was amazed. She did this fiercely for a couple minutes and then attempted to talk to me. She said that she didn't want me to tell anyone and that she would do anything to keep her secret safe.
So like anyone else I decided to exploit this. I told her the first thing she would need to do is have sex with me. She agreed with a sigh and started to undress herself. That was when I really got a good view of her body. He nipples were small, brown with pink tips and hard. Her skin was slightly covered with freckles and her pussy had a little fuzz on it. I made her go on the bottom and I plunged my dick deep into her. She exhaled loudly and I began moving up and down. She began moaning as I sucked her nipples. She suddenly began yelling "go deeper, deeper" and cupped her hand around her pussy. I did what she said and she let out a lite queef. She then came as soon as I did and I pulled my dick out.
I then told her she had to do one more thing, suck my dick. She smiled and agreed. I laid on the bed while she began putting lipstick on. She then slowly approached my hard cock and licked the head. Then she put it all in her mouth and began sucking away. I felt her slick tongue and teach against my dick, it felt great. When I comed, she swallowed all of it and it was quite a load. She then murmured "mmmmmm. It taste like cream and tried to suck more come out but I was exhausted. We then put our clothes on and she dropped me off at home.
After that I didn't really need her help with Spanish because she automatically gave me an A but I stillwent to her house and we had lots of sexual fun. Even sometimes at lunch I would go into her classroom and we would have a mutual masturbation period.



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