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My Sons Girlfriend

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I have been fantasizing about my sons girlfriend for the last six months. She is 20yrs old 5'4' with long black hair. Her hour glass figure is just amazing to look at. I will call her 'T'.

This past summer my fantasy came true. I have a travel trailer and me and the wife were planning a trip to the ocean for the Labor Day weekend. I asked my son if he and 'T' wanted to join us for the trip. In the past I have asked them a few times and each time they rejected so I wasn't expecting a yes reply. He talked it over with 'T' and she said ok which completely surprised me.

We arrived Friday night late and it took most of the evening to set up the camper. While I was doing this I was sneaking peeks at 'T' who was in short shorts and a halter top. Her perfect 36cs perking out at me begging to be kissed. We all turned in early because of the long day and drive. Let me describe the inside of a trailer. There is limited room, one bathroom, one bedroom, a pull out bed. As I was coming out of the bathroom 'T' was trying to get by and her chest with those nice nips rubbed up against me, I almost came then, she smiled then kept on going.

The next day I was extremely horny. I knew that I wouldn't be able to fuck the wife with company around so I was just determined to jerkoff when or wherever I could. That afternoon the wife decided to go shopping and my son and girlfriend were going to spend the afternoon at the beach. Finally I would see my opportunity to relieve myself. After they were gone I went into her suitcase and found three pairs of thongs. One red, one black and a worn white one in a plastic bag.

I took all three out, smelling the white used thong with the scent of her juicy cunt so prevelent I almost came. I dropped my pants and started stroking while I smelled her cunt juices. I took the red pair and started stroking my cock with it, that soft material on my hard cock and her pussy scent made me cum in a few strokes. My cum went all over her red thong, I tried to clean off as much as I could and hoped she wouldn't notice.

That night at the campfire she kept looking at me in a very strange way, I was hoping she didn't find out what I had done in her thong.

The next afternoon my son went to play basketball with some guys he met at the beach. The wife said she was going to the beach and I told her as soon as I changed and ran a few errands I would join her. When everyone was going I was getting my suit on when 'T' came into the trailer. I was getting ready to leave when I noticed her going into her suitcase. My heart started to race not knowing what to expect. She turned around holding up her red thong and with an evil grin asked me to explain the cum stain on her panties. My mouth just dropped open, I was stunned. After I regained my composure I told her that I was very sorry that I hadn't had sex with the wife in a couple of days and I was feeling so horny that I couldn't help myself. She said she understood (which shocked the shit out of me) but I would have to make it up to her for what I had done. I asked her what did she want money to replace her panties? She hesitated then said no, she wanted me to jerkoff in her red thong again while she watched. My cock sprang to attention at just the thought of this happening. I gained my senses and told her I couldn't do that, because she was my sons girlfriend. Her reply was that, that didn't stop you yesterday cumming in my panties why should it stop you now? I couldn't come up with a logical answer, while my hard throbbing cock was at full mast. She pointed at my cock and said pull your pants down and show me what you did.

I took her panties and with the other hand pulled down my pants. I took them and wrapped them around my cock. She just kept staring at me and I think she started to get excited. I could see her nipples were getting hard and her hand nervously crept closer to her cunt. This got me more excited. I told her if she wanted to see more she would have to take off her top. In less than a second her top was on the floor and she was massaging her nips while I stroked my cock. She moved over to the bed and sat down with my cock few inches from her face. She asked me if I was going to cum and I told her no not yet, that if she wanted me to cum a lot she would have to get naked.

She stood up and yanked off her shorts. She wasn't wearing any panties much to my delight. Her shaven pussy was wet you could see how damp she was just watching my jerkoff. I told her to start playing with her cunt which she did without hesitation. I told her that her pussy odour in her panties was the best I had ever smelt. With that her finger dove into her pussy. Her breathing was more rapid now. I told her to let me know when she was ready to cum and I would ejacjulate on her pussy. She tensed up and with one loud moan she started to cum, I finished by squirting a gallon of cum on her pussy. She took the cum and rubbed her fingers into it and tasted it. I sat down next to her exhausted. She went into the bathroom to clean up while I put my bathing suit back on. When she came out she just smiled at me came over and gave me a big hug and pinched my ass and said this is our secret, if your a good boy maybe next time I will let you fuck me.

That was the best holiday weekend I had ever had.



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