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My Son's First Time

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In reality, all fathers should do this with pubescent son's. Awareness and not naivety can be most beneficial to all teenagers.


I was ignorant about the facts of life when I was going through puberty, only discovering the pleasures of masturbation at the age of 16. My son's case is something similar, one that I feel I must share; even if to let other parents know that their children should be told the facts of life at an early age. My son has recently turned 14 and is well into puberty now.

About four weeks ago, my son came to me, a little embarrassed and a little distressed. He asked me if he could ask me something, and I replied that he can ask me anything he likes, any time. My son said 'Dad, I think I am sick or got something wrong with me.' I asked him why he felt that way and how could I help. He told me last night, he woke up in the middle of the night, and felt something wet in his pyjamas, thinking he must have wet himself. On putting his hands inside his pyjamas, he said he felt a something sticky in there and was all over his 'pecker'. He had turned on the light and had a look, and saw this creamy sticky stuff; not sure of where it came from, but possibly from the end of his 'pecker'. He also mentioned that the same thing happened about four weeks earlier when he was asleep.

I could relate to that as the same thing had happened to me about 22 years earlier. I told my son that what he had was a 'wet-dream', and that it was perfectly normal; explaining it was the start of him turning into a man. My son seemed quite relieved after I told him that, so he naturally asked why it happens. My reply was that when a male gets to a certain age, semen builds up in his 'balls', and needs to be released, either by natural emissions, or by controlled masturbation. I also told him that semen is what fertilizes eggs inside a woman, to make babies. His eyes were wide open and his brain was working overtime.

Because I had mentioned the word masturbation, my son asked me what masturbation was. I asked him if any boys at school had ever used that word, and he said no. I added some boys might say jerk off, or wank off, or tug themselves. Again, he said no. I asked him if he ever rubbed his pecker and if so, did anything happen; no again was the answer. He was as purely innocent as his father, when I was his age. Needless to say, he then asked why do people masturbate and how do you do it. I just told him because it feels really good, it can relax you, and if you do it in bed, it can help you sleep well.

The conversation continued when I asked him about having a bath at night; that when he washes around his 'pecker', does it get stiff and grow in size. My son said, yes, it does. He told me it gets hard all by itself a lot and then goes down again. I told him that is what happened recently when he was asleep; that it was hard when he was asleep, and then out come the semen, or sticky stuff. I tried to keep our conversation simple and something he could relate to. I told him it was hard to explain what happens, and how it feels when it happens, but something he will experience for himself.

My son said to me 'It sounds pretty confusing, and I still don't know how to do it, can you please show me how?' I thought long and hard about it, and then decided a one-off demonstration wouldn't do any harm, so I asked him to follow me to the bathroom. I removed my jeans and boxers leaving a half hard erection in front of my son. Going to the medicine cabinet, I got some of my wife's KY gel, and transferred some onto the head and shaft of my penis. I showed my son how to grip the shaft of the penis, and rub the palm of the hand up and down, then twisting the hand around the head of the penis, before doing it over and over again. I showed him some basic variations using the thumb for pressure and just the fingers, but kept any experimenting for himself at a later stage. After about five minutes, I shot my load into the wash basin. I showed him what semen looks like and he was amazed.

I told my son it was now his turn to try it. Even before applying the KY gel, he was pretty hard and sporting an impressive erection. His almost hairless scrotum accentuated a penis of about 5 1/2 inches, with a nice round knob on the end of his circumcised shaft. Nowhere near as thick as an adults, it was nevertheless, quite impressive. He stood there on the floor, starting to stroke his penis while I stood there encouraging him. It was only about 45 seconds or so later, saying that he was feeling real funny and his body was going tingly. I told him to keep rubbing and not stop. A few seconds later, he squirted his cum about four foot across the bathroom floor, followed by another and another. He stood there in disbelief as his body drained of his seminal juices.

I cleaned up his mess and told him he did very well. I also told him not to tell his mother or his sisters about what happened either. I also suggested that when he feels like doing it again, do so in private and not where his mother or sisters can see him. We both got cleaned up, dressed and went back into the lounge to watch television. My son thanked me so much for showing him that, and he came up and gave me a big hug.



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