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My Sister's Marathon Wanking Session

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The story is completely true.


I was about 15 when I caught my sister wanking for the first time, so she would have been 21. The details are a story in themselves but suffice it for now to say that she was doing it in a way that I couldn't have imagined, and when I saw what she was doing I knew that I'd almost caught her several times over the previous 4 or 5 years but hadn't realised it. Maybe I'll tell that story another time, but I've often wondered whether I should have let her know I'd caught her and what I could have made of it. As it was I stayed peeking at her until I was sure she was masturbating then crept off to my room for a wank as quietly as I could in case she realised I'd caught her. My parents were very straight-laced about sex and if I'd threatened to tell them what about I'd seen her doing I could have blackmailed her into almost anything I wanted. Use your imagination!

Of course after that I took every opportunity to try to catch her wanking again, and over the next few years until she got married at 26 and left home I must have watched her masturbating herself at least twice a week and I suspect she was doing it more often than that. Hard to believe, but in all that time her bedroom door was sprung and didn't close properly-it had to be pulled really hard to stay shut, and for some reason she just used to pull it almost closed and leave it. I guess she didn't expect me to be crouching outside the door peeking through the inch or two gap, trembling with excitement as I tried to masturbate as quietly as I could while watching her. From oblique conversations we had later in life I know she never suspected then, and to this day still doesn't know how often I used to watch her getting herself off.

As time passed I worked out when she was most likely to do it. For example, she would sometimes have a bath just before going to bed and I knew that she would always have a session with herself afterwards. The other guaranteed occasions were on Saturday morning when my parents went out early to do the weekly shopping and she would stay in bed until they got back at about 10 o'clock. Then for some reason she always did it under the bedclothes rather than her usual way, lying on top with her nightie pulled up or her pyjama bottoms pulled down, so that I had to use my imagination about her naked bum and legs. The other factor was that she always seemed to need something to read to get things going. Never straight porn, more likely suggestive stuff like Judith Krantz or Harold Robbins. We both read a lot and would go into each other's rooms to borrow books. As I got older I used to try to buy novels that I thought she might be likely to get off on. Often I could tell from what she borrowed if she was likely to give herself a good seeing to while reading it, but I really hit the jackpot with the Nancy Friday pseudo-scientific survey stuff, supposedly letters from women about their sexual fantasies. Sure enough the first one I bought disappeared almost as soon as I'd finished with it. Nothing happened on the first couple of nights-she read a few pages, put the light off and went to sleep-but when I had a look at the book after she'd gone to work on the second day it fell open easily at a story about a woman wanking with the handle of her husband's silver hairbrush, and describing how her cunt juices got caught in the engravings. So I kept watching and on the fourth or fifth night... well, she must have been saving it up. It was the only time I saw her use something to wank with, a pillow squeezed between her thighs (she normally wanked face down-as I said I'll tell the details another time)and she must have been at it for 3 or 4 hours!

We were all in bed by 11 p.m. I watched until my parents had turned their light off at about 11.30, then crept across to my sister's bedroom door and peeped in. She was lying completely naked, face down, supported on her elbows, slowly humping the pillow between her legs while she leafed backwards and forwards through the book. Occasionally she would stop, drop her head, and go at it a little faster. It had always been difficult to tell when she had come because she would often just stop and go to sleep, but I'd got to know the signs-she would stop pumping, her legs would tremble slightly and she would clench her bum a few times. She had obviously developed this very quiet technique over the years. On this occasion, however, there was no mistake, and about 15 minutes after I started watching she dropped her head and began pumping steadily. I could see her bum cheeks clenching and she was really stiffening and relaxing her legs when suddenly her whole body convulsed and I could hear her gasping out loud. She lay still for about 10 seconds, then raised herself up and carried on with the slow rhythmic pumping. For the next couple of hours it was as if she just couldn't get enough. She would leaf backwards and forwards looking for bits that would give her the biggest thrill, then drop her head and steadily grind at the pillow. I gave up watching at about 2 a.m. and by that time I reckoned she'd come properly about three times with several small ones, and my cock was red raw from my pulling it. I'd pretty much forgotten about trying to keep as quiet as possible because she was so engrossed in her masturbation that I don't think she'd have heard me anyway. I went to bed, then woke up again at half past six after a series of erotic dreams and crept over to her door to see if anything was happening. Her bedside light was still on and she was lying face down with the pillow between her legs, but she was fast asleep with the book lying open beside her. Again I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I'd gone in and turned her light off so that she would have known that someone had been into her room and seen her lying there exhausted after wanking all night. I didn't but went back to bed, so you'll have to use your imagination about what might have happened if I had. The possibilities have filled my fantasies many times!

The last time I saw her in a position where I knew she'd been masturbating-she'd fallen asleep face down on a bed, naked from the waist down with her knickers lying by her feet and a book open by her side-was 23 years later after a gap of some years. She was 44 and I was visiting her for a holiday while she was living abroad.

I wrote all my stories about watching my sister wank into my diaries over the 20-odd years between the first and last time, and once I allowed a girl friend with whom I had what would now be called a fuck-buddy relationship to read them, which led to a few more stories for the journal. I suppose I should put them all up on this website sometime. Or not?



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