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My Sister's Friends

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I've been obsessed with panties for about two years. My sister lives alone and often has her friends stay over and some have even lived with her for a while. When I was 16 her friend, Linda, was staying with her in her spare room. She is a larger lady, but really pretty and I quite fancied her. So I was at my sisters and we were having a few drinks, I overdid it and Linda said I could have her bed tonight and she would sleep in with my sister. Initially I had no thoughts of snooping until I went into her room and saw the bras and panties strewn about the place. What harm could it do to have a look at them a little closer? I picked up a pair of Red polkerdot boyshorts and inspected the crotch, quick sniff and lick, I was hooked!

One of my favourite things to do over the next few months was to set an alarm for a few minutes before Linda's, then listen to her waking up, my sister would still be fast asleep, then she would walk to the bathroom for a shower. Plenty of time to sneak into her room and enjoy the warm and wet panties she had just taken off. It was great heading to work with fresh pussy scent in the nostrils.

When Linda moved out of my sisters my panty fetish died down. Until Jenny moved in. Once again she is a larger lady and I didn't find her attractive, her panties didnt smell as good an Linda's, but it was just good to have some matierial to enjoy again. Plus she had toys for me to enjoy too. She moved out after about 2 months and once again my fetish died down.

In this time I used my friends younger sisters panties and Linda's mother's, both snatched from a laundry hamper for a quick bathroom session.

My sister informed me soon after that, Sarah would be moving in. I really liked Sarah and I couldnt help but grin. Sarah is a very beatiful girl, she is slim, only a year older than me and has a wild side. I have since found out she watches porn and masturbates daily.

It took me a few weeks to get a decent oppurtunity to have a snoop at Sarah's suitcase, until I was left alone in the house for a good few hours. I entered her room, heart racing, and slowly started to look through the case. I found a tiny, red, frilly thong. I carried on looking, a grey and pink pair of French Knickers, they were ok, but not great. Then, a pair of of plain, white, cotton briefs that were not at all exciting until I checked the crotch. They were the messiest pair I had ever seen, I took a quick sniff and nearly blew right there and then, they were so sweet, like honey. I quickly started to whack off, stripping down to nothing, inhaling the most glorious scent, in no time I was shooting thick ropes of cum onto my stomach, chest and chin. I lay there for about half an hour basking in the wonderful glow of the best orgasm ever.

Sarah moved out a few weeks later and I never got chance to sample them again. She did leave behind the grey and pink pair though. I used those til the scent wore off. That was six months ago and I haven't touched a pair since. Hoping one of my sisters friends needs somewhere to stay soon!



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